Many factors are decisive for the success of a company. But one factor, in particular, is your companies workplace atmosphere. With the proper company culture and workplace atmosphere put in place, your employees will be motivated, productive, and loyal. It is your job as a manager to have a positive effect on your team and enable them to be the best possible version of themselves. In this article, we will cover 6 tips to achieve this!

1. Workplace Design

Both the management and employees want a good working atmosphere in the company, it establishes a good ecosystem to foster company culture. But how do you define a good working atmosphere?

Appropriate conditions start at the workplace itself. This could be the lighting of the office, the design of employees’ desks, and the layout of the break room.

Furthermore, your employees need the necessary tools to complete their jobs. Investing in quality office equipment is paramount to employee satisfaction and productivity.

2. Communication

One aspect that is mentioned again and again is communication. Miscommunication will result in the team not have the proper “sync”. Therefore, it is very important to communicate regularly and appropriately in the daily work routine. Asynchronous communication is key!

This also means that problems may be addressed openly by both employees and their superiors. This is the only way to resolve conflicts promptly and properly. Criticism should, of course, be constructive.

Also, be as open as possible to your team’s suggestions!

3. Give Praise

Everyone needs confirmation of what they are doing. This also applies in the workplace.

Sometimes managers tend to have a conversation only when negative incidents occur. Positive feedback should also be part of your everyday work life.

Even if many tasks performed daily in your company seem self-evident and repetitious, occasional praise will motivate your team.

Most importantly, it takes very little effort to mention employees’ accomplishments in a positive way at meetings and give them appreciative feedback with nice emails. This will go a long way so do it!

4. Be a Role Model

Managing employees also means that you act as a role model. If you as a boss, often show up at the office in a bad mood and give off an aggressive vibe, then that will also transfer to your employees. Resulting in a decrease in motivation and productivity.

However, if you are having a bad day then don’t pretend otherwise. Even managers have a bad day sometimes or are allowed to express their anger about recurring problems. Generally, you should not jeopardize the positive mood in the company by doing so but be diplomatic when you have to.

It is also important for your team to know that you, as their superior, have their back. You should not impose lasting consequences from every mistake they make. However, omissions and deficiencies should still be noted within the team. It is best to look for solutions together! Common problem = Common solution

5. Employee Involvement

Employees want to participate and accept principles best if they are personally involved in the companies culture.

This way, your team can actively help shape the atmosphere and culture while feeling respected.

Of course, as a supervisor, you cannot take all suggestions into account. It is part of your job to distinguish feasible ideas from less useful ones and to provide your employees with a comprehensible justification.

Give your employees freedom so that your team can develop accordingly and implement their own ideas.

6. Connect Common Activities

Company parties, sports, and excursions among colleagues make a tight-knit team. The types of events are different from industry to industry.

If your daily work routine is hectic and stressful, your employees may view such gatherings more as mandatory events.

It is important that you recognize the mood in the team and respond to it. (Adapt to and emphasis to gain a clearer understanding)

Your company may prefer a group breakfast versus an all-day outing. During these events, you can talk about work with your employees and draw attention to any work related problems.

Company sports have also become popular in various companies. Sports are a good way for your employees to stay in shape and connect after work.

It’s best to ask your employees if they have any ideas for joint activities.

Good atmosphere through teamwork

Managers can help shape the companies culture and improve working conditions by just collaborating with their team. And they should! Teamwork is key and it is important to lead by example!