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Generosity is the best path to fulfillment and satisfaction. Is there a better way to show gratitude towards your community than by donating? Running a small business isn’t like running the multi-million corporation. Revenues are much lower and fewer workers are employed. However, not being able to donate millions to local charities, organizations or talented individuals shouldn’t stop you from giving back to the community

Money isn’t the only thing you can donate. The truth is, you can’t spend as much money on the donations and help as the larger companies. However, there are still ways your small business can contribute to the better community. Here are some of how you can help society without breaking the bank.

1. Encourage your team to volunteer

Volunteering is the world’s greatest way of giving back to the community and helping those in need. If you want your business to be known as charitable and generous, encourage your employees to volunteer. Talk to them about volunteering and gather their opinions. Educate them about the importance of volunteers for the community and the benefits they’ll gain from that experience.

You can also be the one who sets an example. Start volunteering in the local charity of your choice and maybe your employees will see great benefits, such as satisfaction, volunteering brings. In addition to that, you can also offer additional paid time off for those who indulge in weekly volunteering. Many employees don’t volunteer because they don’t have enough time. By providing time off, they will be more likely to engage in charity work.

2. Offer mentorship programs

Many large organizations and businesses frequently offer mentorship programs to talented individuals from the community. Even though you run a small business, nothing is stopping you from offering mentorship programs and passing on the skills and knowledge to talented young people. 

You and your employees can create and engage in this program together. Select individuals who have a certain set of skills they want to improve and help them gain additional experience and knowledge. This is also the perfect way to make your business known as reliable and helpful to the community. 

3. Share your space

You probably don’t have huge premises or spacey offices, but you can still give back to the community by offering your space free of charge. Many non-governmental organizations and groups are in desperate need of space where they can hold meetings and gatherings without spending a fortune. Your offices may just the spot they need. 

Offer your space or premises to the groups and non-profit organizations in the evening. Chances are your work hours end at 5 in the afternoon, so the offices will be free any time after that. Make sure to clean your office space before the guest group arrives. Clean, tidy, and welcoming premises make an amazing first impression. By sharing your space, people who use it will hear about your business and your hospitality. It’s a fantastic way to promote your business and give back to those in need.

4. Place donation jars

 Even though your business can’t donate a lot of money directly to the non-governmental organisations, you can contribute by collecting money on their behalf. Whether you run a small IT company or a shop, you can place a donation box or a jar in the high-traffic areas on your premises. For example, if you run your business at the offices, place donation jars in the breakroom, by the entrance or the conference room. 

By placing the jar in a visible place, people will feel more obliged to put their change in. You can even decorate the money collection jars and make them more visible to everyone. By collecting money and donating it to the organizations, you’ll attract positive attention to your business. People will be more likely to use your services or buy your products. 

5. Share your knowledge and experience

Whether you run a business that requires a practical skill or specific knowledge, your experience and the experience of your employees is valuable. People love to hear more about the industries and fields they’re interested in. What’s the better way to find out about something you love than by hearing about it from first-hand? 

You can offer free online webinars or digital events where you or talented people from your team will have the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and skills.  That’s one of the best ways to promote your business and provide your community with quality knowledge and experience. To host a successful webinar, you need to promote it well. Contact a reliable event management company that will use its innovative and creative techniques to help your event convey the perfect message. These experts will use their comprehensive communication and marketing services to meet your needs. 

6. Organize content for kids

Who doesn’t love society’s little angles? Kids are the most precious part of our society, so there’s no coincidence why everyone takes so much care of them and their needs. Organizing engaging content for kids is the ideal way to get back without breaking the bank and popularise your business. 

Whether you decide to host an online workshop or, if possible, training at your premises, make sure you plan it well. To conduct a workshop for kids, you need to take care of many details. What will be the theme of your workshop? How will you teach them practical work? Answers to these and many more questions should be incorporated in the comprehensive workshop plan.  


As you can see, these are only some of the ways you can give back to your community without breaking the bank and spending a fortune on charity events and donations. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, your actions are appreciated and praised. By implementing these simple actions and efforts in your business principles, your company will be the real role model in your community.

This may be the small step for you, but it definitely is a large one toward the better society and the community we all live in.