Whether you live to do laundry or it’s your least favorite chore, we’ve all got to do it. These practical tips and decorating tricks will make the laundry one of the simplest chores on your checklist. Now laundry day doesn’t look so bad after all.

1. Take advantage of your alone time

Whether your child is taking a nap or they’re out on the soccer field, take the opportunity to get a few loads done when the house is quiet! On average, a single wash and dry cycle will take between 1-1.5 hours from start to finish, so plan ahead for a time when the kids will be out of the house that long so you can focus on your laundry and your me time!

2. Make it family-friendly — and safe

Once your kids are old enough, have them help sort and fold their clothes. An important safety reminder, though: Little ones act fast and accidents can happen in an instant, so make sure to store liquid laundry packets and other cleaning supplies out of sight and out of the reach of children. Check out these activity sheets from PacketsUp.com.

3. Save a load, save your fabrics

The sniff test may tell you if you wore enough deodorant, but does not always work when deciding if you need to wash your clothes. What you do, the fabric type, the wear and the weather can play a deciding factor. The American Cleaning Institute offers tips here to help determine if it’s time to wash those bed sheets, jeans, shirts, socks and underwear.

4. Iron be gone

It seems that the only action some ironing boards get is as a catch-all for cast-off clothes. Let’s be honest, who has time to iron? As a time-saver, wrinkle-releasing sprays relax and smooth fabrics to help remove wrinkles — without an iron. For today’s casual looks, the end result is ideal!

5. Shorten the loads

Sometimes you need clean clothes in a hurry or you don’t have close to a full wash worth of dirty garments. Sometimes you just can’t wait for the normal cycle to finish. Luckily there is another option on most modern washing machines that saves time and is more energy efficient: the quick wash.

6. Refresh your laundry room

Laundry rooms (or sometimes, laundry closets) are notorious for being cramped and difficult to keep tidy. Maintaining an organized space will keep your mind at ease and your children safe. Utilize any cabinet space by storing liquid laundry packets up and out of reach and in their original packaging. Unused corners in your laundry room are a great spot to add extra shelving to store towels, sheets and dryer sheets. The extra effort will make a load of difference when you are running out the door!


  • Brian Sansoni

    Senior Vice President, Communication, Outreach & Membership at the American Cleaning Institute

    Brian Sansoni is the Senior Vice President of Communication, Outreach & Membership at the American Cleaning Institute (www.cleaninginstitute.org). ACI is the trade association for the cleaning products industry in the United States, based in Washington D.C. Since 2000, Mr. Sansoni has served as a spokesman for ACI and is responsible for the association’s external and internal communication activities, including media relations and promotion of the ACI’s technical, government affairs, sustainability and consumer education activities. In 2012, he was named Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives, reflecting the work already done to build ACI’s sustainability programs that showcase how ACI members are leading the way in demonstrating sustainability every single day. This includes the 2011 release of the first-ever Sustainability Report for the U.S. cleaning products industry. Mr. Sansoni also directs ACI’s membership development and member retention efforts. Prior to joining ACI, Mr. Sansoni worked at the Grocery Manufacturers of America (now Grocery Manufacturers Association), the world’s largest association of food, beverage, and consumer product companies. While there, he served as Senior Manager for Public Policy Communications, working as a spokesman for association positions on issues like food biotechnology, food and product safety, obesity, and irradiation. Mr. Sansoni’s role as a trade association communicator has led to appearances on such venues as NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, Fox News, CNN Talkback Live, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and numerous local TV news programs. As a spokesman and media relations expert, he has successfully placed his trade associations in such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Time magazine, and numerous wire stories and local and regional newspapers. For more than eight years, Sansoni was a press secretary in the United States House of Representatives, serving as a spokesman for four Members of Congress. Prior to that, he worked a radio news reporter in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Sansoni is a graduate of Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA, where he received a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism.