employee behavior

As modern businesses have started to adopt more relaxed vibes and less formal settings, it can sometimes be confusing at how relaxed the environment is. However, whatever workplace you belong to, conduct and behavior is still a priority to ensure all communication is consistent and relationships remain professional.

Take a look at the six ways to change your office behavior to reflect your professionalism and empathy at work:

1. Listen to others

Listening is a vital part of excellent communication skills, and sometimes it is forgotten how valuable it is in the pressures of working life. Instead of speaking first or looking to make an immediate response, take time to listen andlearn from what is being said. This is especially pertinent in the employee and management relationship. Taking instruction and listening well to the reasoning and goals behind the request will ensure you understand why you’re completing it.

2. Treat others how you want to be treated

This is something you probably remember your parents saying when you were a child. However, it’s never more important than in the working environment. Whatever level you’re on, everyone has a right to be treated with respect, and even in stressful situations avoiding conflict will have more positive outcomes on the whole.

3. Understand the motive and your place in the organization

Many employees work better when they understand where they belong in a company. This doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Individuals work well when they are aware of the motives of the tasks and company goals, and as an employer, you can shape their understanding by being honest and open. Taking a corporatecoachgroup.com communication skills training program can help hone these skills and ensure as a manager, you develop your staff in the best possible way.

4. Be observant

Running a business can be challenging, but it’s essential to take notice of the little things around you. Some behavior can be easier to identify, especially when staff are frustrated and in low spirits. However, other issues can be harder to see. As a manager, observing reactions and conduct in the working environment can help to resolve problems and avoid low motivation.

5. Become a role model

One of the best ways to get the response you want from people in your company is to show them the best type of behavior for the environment. People don’t need to be micro-managed, but they require guidance to get the best out of them. Everything needs to be consistent, and modeling this behavior across the company will give individuals a guide to respect.

6. Avoid unconstructive emotion

Managers shouldn’t be devoid of emotion because, after all, we’re all human. However, some feelings should stay out of the office environment, and sometimes they’re hard to keep a lid on. Anger and insults should be avoided, and this is the same for management and employee, and employee and employee relationships. A consistent approach to the enforcement of certain behaviors will eliminate any mixed messages and provide a happy and courteous working environment for all.

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