There’s a lot to be stressed about lately due to the coronavirus pandemic: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 keep rising, stock market volatility is causing panic, jobs are at risk and store shelves are emptying. But there’s a lot more at stake here than toilet paper. I’m talking about mental health, particularly for millennials.

I can’t help but be worried that quarantine and social distancing could potentially lead to more severe long-term mental health issues for this young generation.


1. CREATE. what can you create while in isolation? read, write, make fun edits in @picmonkey, bust out the adult coloring books, make a vision board, collage, learn a new language with @duolingo, pick up some new skills on @skillshare or @linkedinlearning—basically, get artsy. ⁣

2. SPREAD KINDNESS NOT GERMS. social distancing can be lonely af. a good deed or act of kindness can boost camaraderie. remember, in order for us to be healthy + happy…we need to make sure others are emotionally, spiritually and mentally well too! ⁣

3. SPARK JOY. what’s bringing you joy? light a candle, exercise (i am digging @onepeloton for @amazonfiretv + @thesculptsociety by @meganroup for at-home workouts rn), facetime a loved one, organize the heck out of your living space, a feel-good show, an informative documentary, a good book—whatever it is, find what sparks joy and do more of it throughout the day to multiply those feelings of happiness. ⁣

4. LET THAT $#^% GO. separate what’s in + out of your control. gather the facts you need to stay informed + avoid information that won’t do you any good. stress kills the immune system. we don’t need none of that rn. ⁣

5. GO DEEP. take time to go deeper with loved ones. everyone’s feeling some type of way right now. have intentional conversations. ask meaningful questions. take time to connect in new ways. choose voice notes or facetime over text. ⁣

6. DIGITAL DIGITAL GETDOWN. we all need a little extra love + affection rn. we’re also on our phones more than ever before. spread love, laughs (bless memes + @tiktok) + positivity online. you could be the reason someone stops their scroll to smile or feel hope amongst a sea of negative content. ⁣

Things are weird right now, but remember that every desert has a well + the darkest night always ends with a breathtaking sunrise. Let’s do what we can to search for the silver linings…even if it’s just a sliver of silver at the moment. Keeping your mind positive is imperative to your health. ⁣

xo ⁣
Your Virtual BFF ⁣

6 Ways to Find Silver Linings While in Quarantine