Photo by: Artem Beliaikin

The pandemic has brought many things and one key thing we have all felt at some point is lack of motivation. We have been living in a somewhat “Groundhog Day” scenario and life seems on repeat. So how have you helped keep yourself or others around you motivated?  Here are 6 ways to help spark and renew that energy inside:

Change your scene – don’t work in the same place every day if you can help it. Switch it up time to time and try sitting by a new window, different room or get outside if you can access what you need.  By changing your scene this will help inject some interest and likely stimulate new thoughts and ideas.

Catch up with a friend that makes you laugh – we all have one, that friend that always makes you laugh and forget what’s going on for just a second. You get each other and speaking to them brings light to your day. Make sure you connect with them. Time flies by and we often realize weeks or even months have passed. By making this a conscious effort you will have more to look forward to – a good laugh which is good for the body and soul.

Indulge in your favourite cuisine – Do it! Enjoy whatever cuisine makes your mouth water and you feel satisfied every time you indulge. Don’t do it every day, only every so often to make it that much more of a treat. Make it a special night, maybe cook it with your loved ones. You will not only enjoy it more but create new memories.

Walk a new route – Do you have your routine down. Same path, street, route every day? Switch it up. Take notice of what you see along a new route. You may be surprised what was around the corner all along. This is a great way to rediscover your neighbourhood, city, or town. Be open to seeing new things and opportunities may arise. Even if you get lost for a second or two it might lead you to finding something unique. I have found new shops, restaurants, arts, and all kinds of fantastic things on new wanders.

Be a tourist in your own city– with everyone sticking close to home, what better way to support your local businesses and learn more about what’s in your backyard? We all love to get away and explore new things, but I bet there a ton of things you never even discovered in your own area. Be open to the possibility of finding something new and close to home.

Dress up or match two things you never thought would go together – Trust me you have the time. To sift through your closet and check out what might be sitting there collecting dust. The pandemic brought on a lot of purging and house projects. Why not take the time to put some outfits together too. I bet you can make at least 3 new ones. Items you never combined because I’m sure you have your “go to” like us all. Put on some music and maybe pour a glass of wine to amp up the experience.

Once you start trying new things to motivate you, I promise you’ll inspire others. Give yourself a break and indulge, explore, and get creative. What do you have to lose? Get out of the comfort zone and trust that any little change can spark a new light within you!