Purpose. We’re all seeking it, and we all want to know, feel and believe that our life is full of it.

It’s become such a buzz word that it seems purpose is on a pedestal, unattainable, un-achievable and unreachable because of the pressure that goes along with the belief that purpose has to be big, bold and the thing you are here to do on this planet.

That is not true.

What the truth is, is that your purpose is always evolving and expanding as you are. And because we often associate our purpose as being one big thing, we often overlook the day to day moments that keep us present and actually on purpose.

Creativity is the gatekeeper to the purpose promiseland. It can awaken and spark parts of your being that you maybe quieted a long time ago, or forgot even existed inside of you.

So often on our journey, someone shuts down our creative spirit. Whether it be a parent, teacher friend or sibling, somewhere along the way someone criticized your creativity and the wound kept you from fully expressing yourself the next time, and the next time…

And your mind’s natural defense was to develop the shell of a belief that you are not creative when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are 6 different ways that you can use creativity on a daily basis to align with your daily purpose and intentions to feel clarity on how you are going to seize the day.

Before you get started with any of these, it is so important that you set an intention for what you want to receive from your creativity session.

Do you want clarity on making a decision?

Do you desire to feel a certain way?

Take a moment to really think and feel about what you want to receive so that you have your next inspired action steps to take.

  1. Color to unlock clarity. 
    Get out the paints, gel pens, markers, whatever feels fun and colorful. You can try a coloring book, grid paper, or just start doodling on some paper. When you put yourself into this colorful space, you begin to put your mind in a place where you aren’t overthinking or over doubting yourself. Your focus and attention is on the paper and color. And when you are in that relaxed state, the Universe can start to send new ideas to you and the answer to your intention.
  1. Try a new transformational tool. 
    What we are looking for her, is creative disruption. By introducing your mind to a new tool like tarot/oracle cards, pendulums, meditation, or some other type of modality that you have never experienced before, you are allowing new pathways to fire inside of your mind.

    Especially the ones that you feel the most resistant around. What we resist the most if often what we judge and fear the most based on our past. And staying there is never going to get you to where you are meant to be.
  2. Pretend you’re your idol. 
    Let’s be honest. We can all get a little fangirl over someone. Me? Lady Gaga. I appreciate her boldness, brightness and her creative entrepreneurial soul. So when I start to go in circles and feel stuck I become Lady Gaga. I make decisions like she would, talk how she would, and show up for my day with the confidence like she would. And the great part is that I don’t worry about doing it wrong, because I am pretending to be her. It shakes things up and gets me thinking, seeing and being in new and expansive ways. Now don’t take this wrong. I don’t actually want to be someone else. I love who I am. But sometimes I need to think differently to create a different outcome and this creative experience does the trick every time.
  1. Write your heart out with hypnotic writing.
    There is so much power in putting pen to paper. Especially when there is an intention behind why you’re doing it. Journaling is a great way to document what you’re thinking and feeling, but it serves a different purpose than hypnotic writing, or automatic writing. 

    This style of writing can feel like you are writing nonsense at first, because you truly just start writing whatever is coming to mind as fast as you can without thinking too much. And then without even realizing it, your higher self will take over and start communicating with you on the paper. Words, thoughts and ideas will show up on the paper along with hidden feelings and agendas that you didn’t even know were inside of you. It is uncomfortable at first, but the more you try this writing ritual, the more you will start to see your truth spill out onto the page.
  1. Outline your life as if they were chapter titles in a book.
    This is so powerful if you want to figure out what is next, because you are the author of your life! When you write out these titles, you can feel the energy behind the ones you want to read again and the ones you are ready to leave behind and never open the pages back up. Our past is often what paralyzes our future. What chapter titles do you want to create that aren’t in your book of life yet?
  1. Follow your creative curiosities. 
    More than anything, follow the curiosity that is calling. As Steve Job’s said, “ Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” and I couldn’t agree more. The more we open ourselves to the curiosity that creativity stirs within, the less fear we have of the unknown. And everytime there is less fear, it makes way for you to create your calling. Whether it be a course you want to take, a book you want to read or a retreat that you want to experience, do it. We’ve all learned in one way shape or form that life can be full of curveballs. But that doesn’t mean you don’t swing. Especially when you were born to swing for the fences.