They say that personal branding can be just as important as the way you brand your business. But how do you fare in the world of recruitment? Does your company tick all of the boxes for potential employees? Are positions in your organisation sought after? Here are 6 ways you can improve your employer branding to attract the hottest, freshest talent. 

1. Change company culture

First and foremost, businesses need to be able to self-reflect. Are your team happy? Do they enjoy coming to work? Does the workspace or environment inspire them to do their best? Company culture doesn’t change overnight, so it’s important to have a long-term plan. Engaged teams, clear communication, a purposeful mission and great leadership are all essential ingredients of good company culture

2. Ask for feedback 

Employers are quick to give their employees feedback in appraisals and reviews. But it’s not often that businesses ask their workers to provide feedback about management. This should be done as regularly as performance is monitored. Without knowing what problems there are in the workplace, it’s impossible to make improvements. Inspiring honest feedback at work is easy, and anonymous feedback boxes or feedback forms are a great place to start. 

3.Embrace transparency 

Flatter hierarchies allow for better transparency in the workplace. But every company can have a policy for honesty and openness. Keeping employees in the loop with a company newsletter is a great way of helping people stay involved with big decisions or changes. And when it comes to being transparent for recruitment, present an accurate depiction of what it’s like to work for your company. Remember that many websites now feature employee review sections, where existing and old staff members can share their experiences. If you get negative feedback, try to respond directly to the person affected and make efforts to improve your environment. 

4. Give back to the community 

Helping others and showing compassion are signs of philanthropy, something that is very important to millennial workers. The younger generation are most inspired when they are working for a cause, and care greatly about the environment and ethical trading. Some of the biggest millionaire business owners in the world are well-known for being philanthropists, including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. 

5. Be flexible 

It’s important to have flexibility as a modern-day employer. The younger generation want flexible working hours and they want their bosses to be understanding when it comes to mental health. Many companies benefit from ‘flexi-time’, and it can boost workplace productivity. For staff with other important commitments (such as those who are carers) or working parents, this can be a very attractive element in their contract. 

6. Offer remote working

Another appealing perk can be the opportunity to work from home. Remote workers are highly productive and there are many collaboration apps that can help teams work effectively. If remote working doesn’t suit your business model, try creating different work spaces within your office so that teams can hotdesk, collaborate with others comfortably, brainstorm, or work independently.