The level of success a business organization has on its sales is Marketing on its marketing team. It is the work of the marketing team to achieve the short term and long term goal of the organization Success sales.

   As a marketing manager, you are tasked with combining all the resources available to your team to produce maximum result in sales and revenue. It’s very imperative for every business organization especially large scale enterprises to have a marketing department with an efficient marketing team in order to boost the sales and acceptability of its products in the public.

   A marketing team helps to publicize and promote the sales of product or services. It does the necessary research on the suitability of the product in the market, and the type of audience needed for the sales of the product.

The marketing team’s primary task is to manage the marketing resources of a product or services. The team is to reach out to prospective clients and investorsMarketing and at the same time maintaining a positive image for the organization.

   A marketing team can be in charge of a single product or also be responsible for multiple product and services, a business can employ multiple marketing team, although small business are less likely to require the services of such a team.

It’s important to point out some major factors to consider when involving in marketing, either as a sole proprietor or an organization. They are generally known as 4 p’s in marketing , which are

      -Product :  A product is a tangible or intangible service that fulfills the needs or wants of consumers. Whether you sell foodstuffs or luxurious houses, it is imperative to known what exactly your product is before your marketing team can take it out to the public.

      -Price :  Once a concrete understanding of the product is established, price and pricing decisions can be made. Price determination will influence profit margins, demand, supply and market strategy. Similar product may be positioned differently based on varying prices.

   – Promotion : The next thing to be considered after considering the  previous two is promotion. That is , ways to promote the product. Promotion looks at the various ways marketing agence can disseminate relevant information about a product to consumers. It also looks for ways to differentiate a particular product and service. Promotion include element like advertising, public relations, video marketing.

  – Place : Often, marketing is about putting the right product at the the right place, and also at the right time. It’s important for the marketing team to know where the right location are in order to convert  potential clients to actual clients.

After the 4 P’s have been considered by the marketing team, it is imperative for them to follow this 6 ways to achieve success. Which are ;

1. Getting the right people  in your team

       Having the right people in your team is most important way of setting your marketing team for success. A  team made up of the wrong individuals won’t achieve success.To achieve team success,your team has to consist of purposeful and right minded individuals.

      This is most important step steering your marketing team for success, your team has to consist of individuals who share the same goal, drive and passion to success with the company. This will make the individual to contribute and give more, in order to achieve success.

2. Customer friendly

       This is one of the the secrets of most successful marketing team. Successful marketing teams are friendly towards their customers and client, this leads to an increase in the ability to relate well with the customers, which will results in better understanding of the customer.

     Loving the customers also result in the customers getting to know the team as well. Since the  marketing is representing the image of the company, loving the team simply mean loving the company which will result in more sales for the company’s product. This is a measure of marketing team’s success.

3. Set realistic goals

One of the first things that need to be done when setting your team for success is to set your goals. Setting up a realistic goals will keep your team members to work harder in order to achieve your target. Goal setting is a major determinant in achieving team success, your goals could be in from of sales target, revenue target, customer base target etc.

       Goal setting ensures hardworking from the team members because it makes them realize that there is a standard they have to reach and the specified goal is the standard, and also, setting a realistic goals is an important way to achieve  success for your team in the marketing world.

4. Motivation

       Motivation is very important factor in steering your marketing team towards success. Motivation can also be the desire or a drive to achieve something. There will be more probability for success where there is motivation.

         Motivation  can be in from of stimulating competition to achieve more among members of the team, it can also be in form of monetary gifts or pen appreciation. And also to maintain the motivation, your team should be given difficult challenges which must be achievable consistently. Given your team responsibility accompanied by authority can  also be a good

Motivation for your team to perform well.

     All these act go a long way in making individuals in a team to want to achieve success. Motivate your team members today and you will be a step closer to achieve success.

5. Skill diversity

           A team must comprise of different people that are specialized in different skills. The more skill diversified your team is, the more the probability of success. It is advisable to ensure your marketing team comprises of people  who are specialized in skills such as good communication, adequate listening,empathy, good calculative skills,creativity etc, as these skills help to boost the chances of being successful as a team.

         The principle of functionalism applied in this point. That is, different people that are specialized in different things coming together to work in order to achieve a goal.

6. Digitalization

           Digitalization and technology are secrets to a team’s success in this age. If you want to set your marketing team for success, ensure they are well learned in technology, and ways to promote their business online.

             The social media alone has over one billion users which is a lot of marketing opportunity for the team. also , in a world where everything is going digital, it’s advisable for the team to not be left behind.

               Ensure your team goes digital, and also ensure they learn how to use the various social medias such as Facebook and Twitter t create wilder publicity for the company. Go digital and ensure your team goes digital as it is an important factor driving team success in the world today.