Writing down the things you are grateful for, or making a gratitude list, is an easy way to feel more positive about your life. Try it out for at least five minutes every day and see how it changes your outlook.

Focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t will help to improve your mood over time. If there is something you are unhappy about, try to fix it or change your thinking about the situation.

Take a look around you — whether in person or on social media and identify things that make you happy. It may be a device you use frequently, colorful flowers at the store, an awesome memory of hanging out with friends, etc. People tend to be happier when they see positivity in their surroundings.

Having something to look forward to can be enough to help you feel happier when you are in an unhappy mood . Whether it’s a trip or event, movie night with friends or that new cafe that opened up in town, try making time for things that bring you joy.

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Many people who feel sad or down have a hard time being creative, but this is one of the best ways to change your mood! No matter what you do whether it’s painting, dancing, cooking delicious food, taking photos of something that sparked your interest etc. Expressing yourself through an activity or art can help to improve your mood.

In addition, you could also try some of the following activities:

  1. Visit a local park and go for a walk among nature

2. Go for a bike ride

3. Play with your dog or any pet!

4. Order new clothes or accessories online and have them delivered

5. Watch a movie, TV show or documentary you’ve been meaning to see

6. Pick out new sheets for your bed and make it up with fresh linens

7. Plan a road trip or weekend getaway

If you are feeling down, try some of the above activities for at least half an hour each day. If you are feeling depressed, rather than just “down” about things, it’s important to seek help. Not only will these activities help you feel better in the short term, they can also have lasting effects on your mood.

A possible side-effect of engaging in any one of the above activities is that it could make you want to engage in another activity. This is because you are focusing on how each activity makes you feel, rather than why it’s good for you or what you should do next. Instead of feeling that anxiety that tells us something has to be done now, you will begin to notice how much time can fly by while doing an activity like painting.

For example, you might go outside and notice that it’s sunny, then remember that camping is an activity you used to enjoy. Then, if your mood allows for risk-taking, plan a trip like the one you used to go on, or consider planning another one soon!

As long as you don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to “feel good,” being able to pick from a list of activities that will brighten your mood can help you feel better. If you return to feeling down, try another activity from the list and see how it changes your thoughts and feelings.

We’re not necessarily recommending any one type of activity over another — only that engaging in any one of these activities for at least half an hour every day can help you feel better. Try it and see how it changes your experience of the world!