Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially when it is also reciprocated. Friends find moments to bond the more and use special times like birthdays to express their affections for each other. Below are some ideas for you to try for your friend’s next birthday. 

1. Call your friend and song a song: 

Don’t bother if your voice isn’t too smooth; it would probably add to the fun. Call your friend and sing that song that makes him/her smile. You can even compose a song if you can; it is all for their special day. When singing, make sure you convey the sincerity of your heart, for it isn’t just the words they would listen to but the emotions behind it. 

2. Send birthday messages with beautiful quotes and wishes: 

There are millions of birthday quotes available online and if you want to send happy birthday messages, make sure you select some very touching and emotional ones. You can compose a text, poem, story or note to tell your friend how much you value him/her and how you wish their desires are fulfilled. 

3. Have some of your friends call or text them: 

People like beautiful surprises you can guess your friend is no different. If you feel comfortable with it (know first if your friend likes to give his/her phone number out) then have some of your close friends call to say happy birthday and talk of how much you value your friend and how you always let people know how wonderful he/she is.

4. Send over some gifts: 

Gifts between friends serve the simple but beautiful purpose of reminding them that someone cares and that you’re willing to actually make a sacrifice to make them happy. If you can comfortably buy something expensive, then go for it but if you cannot, a simple gift will do too. The goal is to show through gifts that you care.

5. Plan a surprise party or event: 

Closely connected with buying gifts is to organize a surprise birthday celebration for your friend. This will need careful monitoring and planning to succeed but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure to keep it fun and lively -no need for a surprise party if it won’t spark interest.

6. Fulfill one of their wishes if you can: 

If your friend has an unfulfilled wish, a perfect birthday memory could be to fulfill it. Doing this creates two impressions; that you were always listening to them, and that you’re a wonderful person. Your friend will immensely value this.

7. Send a shout out to the local radio station: 

One cheap opportunity you can take advantage of is to make a shout out via your local radio station, or the local radio station of the city your friend is in. With the host of morning shows aired, it would be easy to book a call. But make sure you know the one your friend listens to -if ever he/she does listen to morning radios.