There are some very complex causes of addiction, and you need to know what you can do to get past these problems in your life. Most people who have issues with their health are going to need to think very hard about how their addiction has played into their problems. These same people need to remember that most problems that are had with addiction are going to be easy to fix when you have focused on fixing the problem.

1. Boredom

Boredom might sound like something that should not be addressed, and you need to see what you might do to avoid falling into these patterns again when you are, for instance, in orange county drug rehab. If you have been the sort of person who drinks because you do not have anything else to do, you need to stop that as soon as you can. Plus, you need to remember that most people who are going to change their behaviour have gone to therapy for those behaviours.

2. Party Culture

Party culture is something that gets people to Drink and do drugs because they are expected to do these things when they are on the town with friends. If you are not sure why you are into the party culture in the first place, you need to consider what your options are so that you can avoid going back to the party culture that got you into trouble.

3. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has a little bit to do with part culture, but a lot of people get addicted because they cannot use substances like everyone else. If that is something that has happened to you, you need to get away from the peer pressure that forces you to use drugs or alcohol just because it is seen to be something that everyone does.When you have questions about how to avoid peer pressure, you need to see what you can do to get away from peer pressure, and you should talk to your therapist about it.

4. Trauma

Trauma is something that causes people to drink and do drugs because they feel terrible, they hate being in a place where they need to feel ass their pain, they want to stop their trauma from impacting them every day. It is very smart for you to look into trauma with your therapist because a therapist can show you what your options are when you would like to learn about your trauma, make judgements about your trauma, and work through your trauma. People who never worked through their trauma will tend to go back to addiction.

5. Family Issues

Family issues are very hard for people to deal with, and they could cause someone to drink because they feel as though they are not safe around their own family. You need to make sure that you have taken a look at what will be done to be sure that you have an idea of how you deal with your family, why your family deals with you the way they do, and why you have so many issues with these people. This is something that you need to consider carefully with your therapist because this is different than routine trauma.

6. Addictive Personalities

Addictive personalities are hard to deal with, and you need to know if you are the kind of person who will latch onto an addiction. You also need to know if there is a way that you can take care of your own personality, avoid problems that you might have, and avoid these issues going onward so that you are not getting into the places that are bad for you.

7. Enabling

You need to make certain that you have found people who do not enable you. You should remember that people who enable you are going to make life harder for you, and you also need to remember that most people who have enablers are only going to get worse. There are some people who would like to avoid enablers because they see them coming, and there are others who need to move because they think that that would be a much healthier thing for them to do.


The best part of rehab is that you do not need to know anything about rehab. You do not need to know how it works, and you should make sure to go to a place that will help you recover the best. The best thing that you can do is to talk with your family, figure out how you can come up with plans that will be best for you, and avoid issues that tend to come up. You need to know how sobriety works for you as a person, and you need to be aware of how you adjust to your new lifestyle.