The best performers don’t make it to the top to be treated like everyone else. They have one thing in common: adopt the right habits every day. Here are the simple routines more than two dozen successful executives say are their secrets to getting ahead in business and life.

  1. Set a daily goal.

“Ask yourself every morning, ‘What are my intentions for the day? Then, after the day is over, ask yourself, “Have I turned the needle in a way that is positive for the business?” Goal setting and By separating your day with brainstorming, you create a clearer vision of how the business is performing, where the business is going and how you can help it get there, quickly and efficiently.”

2. Force yourself to get out of bed, even when he sucks.

“Try to start your day as early as possible. I have to practice getting up consistently early. Once you take that first (always painful) step, there’s something about watching the sunrise that makes you feel like Makes you feel like you’ve already won the day. While most people are still asleep, you have a hot cup of tea to start planning your day.”

3. Ignore the notifications.

“Unread emails, reviews, posts, and likes are all big distractions, but not the definition of something big. As the number of courier services grow, I’ve found that they have reached the point of diminishing returns. I try to convert my time by having a live conversation with or doing thinking work where I spend time structuring my thoughts.”

4. Set aside time for fun.

“Whether it is fishing, gardening, farming, traveling, music [or] concerts, dedicate time to the joys that bring you outside the office. Not only will this free your mind, it can inspire new products and business programs. “

5. Think of time as a commodity.

“There are only 168 hours in a week and you have to make them count. Instead of sleeping eight hours a night, waking up two hours earlier will give yourself two more months to focus on your goals and grow. Make your art successful.” People don’t serve their time, time serves them.

6. Keep your calendar as updated as possible.

“The one thing that’s important to me is an updated calendar so I can manage my day full of meetings, emails and interviews. With the life of a start-up, you can’t really tell when it’s time to sleep. It’s 10 p.m. and tea is 6 a.m. Some days I work until 5 a.m. and it helps to have an up-to-date calendar so I know when to get up for my next meeting. If I see that my first meeting is at 11am so i know I’m gonna sleep a little and i won’t wake up every hour wondering if I’m late for something.when you sleep with peace of mind So I think it allows your body to really relax and sleep.

7. Talk to someone smarter than you.

“I always try to talk to someone who is smarter or more experienced than me. Sometimes they are just touching calls to keep the relationship going. Often I ask them about a specific project or issue.” I am working. The multiple receiving approach is always helpful, even if I do not exhaust their advice. Although I have to be careful, because if I never took someone’s advice, they would stop giving it to me will give.”