organized living room

When you have a lot of worries on your mind or tasks on your list, it might seem counterproductive to spend time taking care of your house. However, studies show that being organized has many health benefits from lower stress to closer relationships. When your home is neat, you feel more confident and capable of tackling whatever life throws at you. Here are seven easy ways to organize your house:

1. Make a List

You are much more likely to succeed in your goals if you do one simple thing: make a list. Before you set out organizing each room, think about and write down each task. The satisfaction of crossing items off your list will keep you motivated as you tackle each area of your home. Better yet, set up a whiteboard in your kitchen or office where family members can see it. That way, they’ll want to jump in and help, too.

2. Focus On Drawers

One of the most stressful experiences is opening drawer after drawer in your kitchen or office only to find a lot of disorganized clutter. Instead of having to search endlessly for that whisk or pencil you really need, using a custom drawer organizer will help you find it in no time. You’ll be able to sort items in a way that makes sense for your personal needs and best of all, you can see each item easily. The days of messy “junk drawers” are over!

3. Do a Bathroom Purge

Bathrooms are known for being places where old sample bottles or half-used products gather and remain for years. Do a thorough cleansing of your bathroom by eliminating any toiletries or other items that are old, expired, or that you simply don’t need. You’ll free up space in your vanity or cabinets for the most important things. Establish a regular cleaning routine for your bathroom space that includes a thorough purge of unused toiletries.

4. Invest In Garage Shelving

The garage tends to accumulate many items simply because they don’t belong inside the home. This can lead to a disorganized, cluttered space, even to the point where it’s impossible to use for parking cars or enjoying hobbies. One of the best ways to deal with this issue is by investing in garage shelving and storage systems. Many of these systems can be hung from overhead, freeing the floor and perimeter for cars, tools, or whatever else you need.

5. Eliminate Paper

It might sound simple, but moving your bill paying and other activities from paper to electronic versions can free you from the endless mound of paper that tends to accumulate on horizontal surfaces in your home. Make sure to eliminate junk mail as soon as you receive it and save only the most important mailpieces. With any paper that does remain in your home, utilize a file or binder to keep things organized.

6. Donate Clothing

One of the best places to make an impact in your quest to get organized is in your closet. A trick that works well is to move all of your clothing to a guest room closet or other area temporarily. As you wear each item, move it back to your personal closet. After some time has passed, accounting for seasonal temperature fluctuations, you’ll easily see which clothes you prefer and which you simply don’t wear. Consider donating these clothes to a local charity so others can benefit from what you don’t need.

7. Keep It Simple

It’s easy to lose stamina as you set about organizing your home, so go easy on yourself. Instead of spending an entire weekend, try spending just 15 minutes each day eliminating clutter and getting organized. You’ll be well on your way to a neater home without feeling overwhelmed.

The Bottom Line

By following these tips to organize your home, you’ll be free for higher tasks, like creative pursuits and connecting with loved ones.