In these crazy days of quarantine, who couldn’t use a little more energy? As a mother of 7 and the co-founder of a photo book company, it’s been a huge adjustment to be home 24 hrs a day with the kids (and my spouse) while taking care of their needs and all of my regular work obligations. I’ve found myself wondering how I’m going to get through this without losing my sanity?! 

The world has flipped upside down, and our usual routines and strategies for keeping the energy up just aren’t working anymore. So I’m going back to the basics to get my mojo going. Here are some of my favorite things to do – hopefully one or all of these will help you feel even just a little bit better in this crazy time. 

Move your body for 15 at least minutes every day 

Move, move, move! I know that exercise can seem a bit more daunting with gyms closed, but there are so many ways to get moving. My stationary bike has been my saving grace (I bought it at my doctor’s suggestion after I broke my back last year) and it’s been so nice to have it during these quarantine times. But you don’t need any fancy equipment: There are all kinds of free workouts on YouTube. What’s important is to make exercise bite-sized and manageable. A 45-minute workout is great, but if that can’t happen, I remind myself that 15 minutes is better than 5.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Reward your consistent effort

During a time where everything feels uncertain, find a way to motivate yourself to stick to your exercise routine. According to health experts, consistency is more important than endurance — it’s also the key to more energy. So, as an incentive, when I get in 5 straight days of working out, I treat myself to a pair of leggings or a new skincare product. It’s a win-win!

Create a sleep schedule

Consistency is the key to success when it comes to sleep habits, too. Create a pre-bedtime routine that doesn’t include your phone and stick to it. Recently, I vowed not to go to sleep with my phone in my room. After an interview with best-selling author and life coach Romi Neustadt on  The MomForce podcast, I decided to charge my phone in the hallway overnight and let go of work worries before entering my bedroom. Guess what? It totally allowed me not only to clear my mind before bed but also sleep better and without distraction. Neustadt told me, “I had to create boundaries for myself as a way to take myself through phone addiction recovery, and having my phone plugged in in another room allows me to be still.”

Keep up with friends virtually

In this world of social distancing, socializing virtually has never been so important. Lately, I’ve spent a lot more time on my phone texting and dming my friends, but Marco Polo is my absolute favorite alternative to face-to-face meet-ups. I actually feel closer to some of my friends now after our many “polos” back and forth.

Improve family relationships

Being with my family is my favorite activity. And to break up the monotony of all the togetherness in the house, last week we pitched a tent in the yard and had a family campout. I loved taking photos and videos of all the fun (and s’mores) we had together. I want to remember moments like these in such a unique time of our lives, and I’m excited to have it all documented in our Chatbooks to hold on to forever.

Create gratitude lists

After a podcast interview with author and Woman’s Day editor-in-chief Meaghan Murphy, I really started to understand and internalize that gratitude is the key component of transforming your attitude and energy. Meaghan shared that “gratitude is the secret sauce” to her endless energy. She records all the things she is grateful for in her “Yay!-list.” Think about what made you say “Yay!” today or what you’re grateful for and write it down or share it with a loved one. Is there anything you’re realizing you took for granted before COVID-19? Write it down

Focus on what you GET to do today

What is one thing that you GET to do today instead of one thing you HAVE to do today? When we start to believe that there is good happening in our lives, it changes our brain chemistry and can help us feel happy, even in the midst of uncertainty. And more happy energy is what we all need right now!