7 Fun and Positive Team Building Activities for Work

Most employees will not be happy when they hear that they will be participating in team building activities. That is because some team building activities are dull, boring, or predictable. You want your employees to come together as a team and have a good time doing so. Here are seven fun and positive team building activities for work. 

1. Community Scavenger Hunt

A day before this activity go around to local businesses and let them know what you are doing. You can place clues in businesses or around the town. The day of the scavenger hunt let your employees know that they have the morning to find all the items and clues. The scavenger hunt can end up at a local restaurant where you will all eat lunch together. Your can make the hunt as easy or difficult as you want to. Your team will not only bond with each other but will get to know the surrounding community and local businesses and all they have to offer. 

2. Trading offices

This is a fun activity that will end up being a lot of laughs. The ground rules are that no offices can be permanently changed and everything should be fun and lighthearted. The basis is that everyone should pair up and choose another office to trade spaces with. If you have a larger company teams from different departments can trade spaces. Once you have traded spaces you can decorate your “new” office any way you want to or think the other team will like. You can have the morning to do the remodel and reveal the new offices at lunch time. 

3. Bowling

Getting out of the office as a team can be fun. You can take the team to the local bowling alley once a week. There are bowling leagues your team can sign up with or you can compete individually to see who wins. This is a fun activity and great exercise. 

4. Potluck lunch

Each team member can be asked to bring in either their favorite food or food from their ancestry. This can promote a fun activity that will help team members get to know one another better. You can even turn the potluck into a picnic if the weather is nice. 

5. Dance lessons

Get your team out and on the dance floor. Salsa dance lessons are a fun way for your team to get to know one another and have a great time. Your local dance studio should have many exciting classes to offer your team. Get out of the office and have a great time. 

6. Go for a Walk

Find a local park with walking paths and nature trails and take the team out for a walk. They will bond and get some much needed fresh air and exercise. A bonus of a park is that they will be able to see some local wildlife while they are out for their walk. Exercise is a great way to help with creativity and bonding. 

7. Paper Planes

Who does not love making paper airplanes? You can set this up as a distance challenge or an obstacle course. Individual team members have ten minutes to create a paper airplane. They will then have to make it fly into a garbage can, over a desk, through a door, and onto a desk. You can decide how hard or easy the obstacle course will be. Another challenge would be to give the team members a little longer to design their planes and then rank them for creativity and distance flying. Either way the team will have a fun time bonding over paper airplanes.