We all want to improve our health, live a happy life and that is entirely possible when we know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, habits that increase longevity every day . Not a medicine or a super method, the following habits are very close to you. The most important is your own will and responsibility for your life.

Habits to increase longevity

A comfortable, positive mental life

It is difficult to maintain this in every given situation of life. But this is a habit of increasing longevity extremely “beneficial”. By:

  •  Positive thinking strengthens the immune system.
  •  Reduce the risk of diseases and recover quickly from the disease.
  •  Reduce pressure from life (cause of illness, mental exhaustion).
  •  Expand, develop relationships (add more fun connections).
    Every day, no matter how busy or tiring, make it a habit to give yourself “a happy hour”. Doing what you like, meditating, taking care of plants, cooking delicious meals, .. Living a happy life is not a distant, dreamy thing. Just enjoying the things you find relaxing and comfortable is living a happy life.  

Balance nutrition to prolong life

Like raising children, or more simply, taking care of a precious object for long-term use. Do you always cherish and supplement with good nutrients? In the same way, the habit of increasing longevity always includes “nourishing” the body with beneficial foods.

Green vegetables, tubers, beans, cereals, fruits, fatty fish, … are rich in essential vitamins. Pay attention to maintaining the amount of omega-3 fatty acids for the body. In addition to improving health, increasing longevity, this fatty acid also prevents memory loss, removes waste products in the blood, and prevents cardiovascular diseases. In addition, try dark chocolate, which helps keep the heart and blood vessels circulating well, and contains high levels of high antioxidants.

And let’s limit from today the enemies that cut life. It is necessary to immediately avoid sweets (the leading harmful food), carbonated drinks, fried foods, salty foods, etc. Habits to increase good longevity: Get enough sleep

Habit to increase good life expectancy: Get enough sleep

The benefits of sleep are enormous: secrete growth hormone, reduce disease, strengthen immunity, improve memory, rejuvenate skin, etc. Sleep is also “good” at balancing emotions. The habit of getting enough sleep will help limit negativity and live happier.

Research shows that sleeping more than 8 hours or less than 4 hours at night increases the risk of death. Therefore, maintaining for about 7 to 8 hours is an effective longevity habit .

Sleep time is also important. Ideally, 10pm to 6am the next morning. This is the golden time frame because it will optimize the use of sleep, the body relaxes before midnight and wakes up in the fresh air of the morning. Limit staying up late, drink water or watch electrical appliances before going to bed to protect your skin and improve your health.

Sleep strengthens health
Sleep improves health

Drink water regularly to improve health

Few people notice, but this is an easy but highly effective life extension habit. Because, water makes up about 70% of body weight, regulates body temperature and holds many other important functions. Typical examples include healthier kidneys, sharp brain, good elastic heart, effective weight loss, etc.

But do not drink too much water because of that, the US National Institutes of Health usually recommends drinking 2 liters per day. And every morning when you wake up, remember to drink a glass of warm water to quickly replenish moisture after a night. At the same time, it also helps to transport the digestive tract, expelling waste products out.

Exercise – an effective life-longer habit

 Proper physical activity  improves health and prolongs life is understandable. In particular, nourishing exercises are considered very good for old age. Youth will be more active, meditation and yoga methods will also exercise good health. Not only promoting metabolism, improving cardiopulmonary function, enhancing disease resistance, exercise habits also make people live happier and happier lives. Do you feel more excited and refreshed each time you exercise?

Follow science. The “happy hormone” Endorphin – creating positive emotions – is spread in large quantities during exercise. In addition, the increase in body temperature helps reduce muscle tension and stabilize mood.

Psychologically, happiness comes from being confident in achieving what you want. Mental health has since gotten stronger. The process of completing self-set goals is not easy and requires a lot of determination and effort. By the time we overcome all these difficulties, people are more stable and believe in themselves.

Spending about 30 minutes a day to improve your health, stay in shape and live a happier life is great, isn’t it?

Yoga improves mental strength, happy life
Yoga improves mental strength, happy life

Quitting bad things is a habit that cannot be ignored

Alcohol, tobacco, .. carry toxins that are too large to overload the body. The harm is not immediately seen, but when maintained over the years, they destroy us quickly. Darkened skin, yellowed teeth, emaciated body, more difficulty sleeping, early age problems… These are all signs of “longevity”.

In addition, it is also necessary to limit sitting a lot, glued to electronic devices. You may not know, electromagnetic radiation damages blood cells, endocrine glands, muscles, heart, bone marrow and causes rapid aging. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified physical inactivity as the fourth most dangerous factor that can cause human death. 

Quitting these things not only improves health, but also a great longevity habit.

Confessions help live a happier, lighter life

Whoever it is, we all go through difficult things, with so many emotions of joy, anger, who, oh. When we suppress too much, especially when we are young, we easily lose ourselves and lose our spirit. Followed by a lot of depression that anyone who has gone through will certainly know.

In the world out there or in the circle of family and friends, there will always be someone happy to listen to you. Letting out your worries not only puts you in a better mood, but it also helps deepen your relationship. Avoid toxic relationships, connect with people who make you more positive. Maintain the habit of confiding when needed to help ease the soul and eliminate the negatives. Then, in addition to learning many new lessons, you also awaken emotions and motivation to work and live longer.

Thank you for following the article from the du hoc Bluesea . Persevering in these habits to increase your longevity will surely live a long time! Wish you full of health, and live a happier life.