parents and kid
parents and kid
parents and kid

When you become parents you have a lot more responsibility on your shoulders than you had previously as now you become a role model to your child who in future is going to become a citizen of the state and has to contribute greatly to the betterment of world.

Whatever you do, good or bad, is going to stay with your kid for a long time and he/she is going to record the same memory which can then shape their personality so you need to be extremely careful while acting around kids as they’d surely learn what they are going to see. Other than their personality grooming you need to instil healthy habits in your child from the beginning so that they don’t have trouble adapting to a healthy lifestyle later in life as developing healthy habits early on is extremely important to live a healthy and happy life.

  • Breakfast is most important

When we are getting late for the office we often give our breakfast the least attention and run away to work thinking that we would grab something on our way but this is completely wrong as breakfast is your most important meal of the day.

Now if we ourselves aren’t going to have breakfast how can we ask our child to do the same so therefore it’s important to sit at the same table as them and finish your breakfast as well as ask them to finish theirs as well.

Our brain is sort of energy depleted when we wake up in the morning and breakfast provides the necessary energy for it without which we might stay foggy and lazy throughout the day. In the long run having no breakfast can damage our brain as well.

  • Keep them moving

If you are someone who loves to stick to the sofa all day long then keep in mind that your kids are going to do the same, therefore ask your kids to get ready for the park or evening plays outside as soon as you come home and enjoy this time with them. This would help them develop the habit of playing outside as they grow up in life.

  • Replace snacks with fruits

Children are particularly fond of the colourful packaging that these processed snacks have but these snacks are unhealthy for your kids and in order to keep them away from snacks, you need to timely replace their snack time with fruit time. Whenever they ask you for snacks, give them a colourful cherry, strawberry or any other fruit. It would keep them amazed on one hand and will help them eat healthy on the other.

  • Make them practice hand hygiene

Children are amazingly curious of everything they see because they are in their learning stages and here’s where you have the chances of doing things right. Make them wash hands with bar soap and water for 20 seconds at least every time they come home from outside so that they can understand that this is all done to kill germs that might make them ill otherwise.

  • Read with them

Stories are a wonderful way of keeping your children busy but instead of reading them story through the childhood, help them read and understand the story themselves as soon as they are able to read. Task them with reading something informative everyday so that they develop the habit to read.

  • Spend time together

Always spend time with your kids and listen to what they have to say. Have meals together, take them outside for some time daily, and keep interacting with them throughout the day in one way or another. This way they’d understand the importance of spending time together which would greatly help in their character development as a family person.

  • Encourage them to ask

Don’t shush your kids when they are asking you questions instead listen to them patiently and then correct their direction little by little so that they develop a healthy habit of asking right questions at the right time and when any obstacle comes in life ahead, they are ready to research the answer themselves.

So these are some of the healthy habits that you should teach your child as a parent. If you still have any questions, you can visit Dettol official website for further information.