If you are like most young business-minded people today, you are always on the lookout for a chance to make some money. It would be understandable if you are not sure where to start, considering the many opportunities available today.

Here are seven of the most lucrative side businesses you can get into.

#1 Blogging

Do you have a way with words? If so, share your ideas and expertise on your specific industry or subject on a branded blog.

Blogs remain the most popular way to reach a large audience with the right message without limitation. It is also the best way for innovators, founders, and other players in the tech industry to collaborate and size each other up.

The most direct benefit of blogging is that it can be a source of stable advertising income.

To make your blog successful, you must set up your page and start publishing awesome content on it. You can earn reasonable ad revenue if you optimize your blog well and market it well. The blog can also make you money through affiliate marketing and content subscription.

#2 Sell Products or Services

Some people are natural sellers because they can connect with and convince people to buy. If you are such a person, you can look for affiliate marketer openings and earn commission on your sales.

This is one of the top hustles for any entrepreneur with ready connections such as blog readers that he can sell to.

Trying out commission-based sales is a great way to get the first-hand experience.

Why try selling? First off, you can sell almost anything – from physical items to digital products. Once you get enough experience, you can focus on selling your products and services.

Choosing what you wish to sell can be the tricky part here. With so many things, it’s hard to limit your business to just one service or product, but this is exactly what you should do.

Focusing on a single product or service will benefit you in several ways:

  • It helps you focus on that specific industry only.
  • It narrows down your costs and marketing efforts.
  • It helps you get funds faster.

Having a prototype of the product you wish to market is key here. While it might seem a prototype is too much for a side gig, it’s achievable thanks to 3D printing.

3D printers have become super affordable and are not reserved for large industry manufacturers only.

A growing number of entrepreneurs decides to invest in one. Having a prototype to test and tweak it is the best way to perfect your product. You can even include buyers into testing to receive feedback on the features, making it truly superior to what your competitors offer.

#3 Tutor Online

Online education platforms such as Teachable, Udemy, and edX are a great place to leverage your skills to make money. If you have enough skills to teach your area of expertise and you have sufficient time on your hands, you can start tutoring online.

Demand for quality convenient tutorship online is making professionals substantial side revenue. If you can create a syllabus and course content, you should consider it too.

Perhaps the second-best thing about tutoring online after the money it makes is the convenience it accords you. You can conduct the tutorials online–even directly on Skype.

You can tutor almost anything from English lessons to filing tax returns.

#4 Design Your Way To Side Income

Do you have a good eye for colors and shapes and passion for creating dazzling graphics? Perhaps you are even a trained visual artist.

It is very easy to monetize your creations today, thanks to the advancements that made it possible to work online. You can create and sell almost anything–from stickers to be printed and placed on bugs to product logos.

You can even design entire websites.

What would it take?

You just have to know what your specialty is and what tools to use and you will be on your way to making real money from your skills.

With so many freelance websites and graphics marketplaces out there, you should not have a hard time selling what you create or finding someone to create your favorite kinds of graphics for.

#5 Coding

Most people who learned to write computer code on the side have later decided to dive fully into computer programming and make it their main job.

If this isn’t proof that there is a high demand and high reward for coders today, I don’t know what is.

If you already know a programming language, you can search for jobs that you can do online, and you could get well compensated.

If you are new to writing code, you just need to learn a language such as JavaScript or Python and you will be on your way to becoming a part-time coder for hire.

The best place to begin looking for coding gigs is on web design job boards. Every business and most individuals today need a website or mobile app; you can make money on the side satisfying this need.

#6 Copywriting

Writing and editing marketing copies, blog posts, and promotional emails among other documents is a $50 billion industry.

The copywriting market alone always has plenty of jobs that pay relatively well, but the best part is that there is little competition.

If you have your way with words and can create a captivating article that convinces readers, you should consider writing articles as a side hustle.

#7 Become A Virtual Assistant

Earn extra income providing basic office services to businesses and individuals.

You do not need any special skills to become a virtual assistant; if you have a computer, a reliable internet connection and a few technical skills such as document processing, you can turn this side hustle into a serious money maker.

Starting an online side hustle is not difficult, especially if you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Whatever business you choose to start, you must give it your very best if you want to earn top dollar.

However, you must not be afraid of starting.

The secret to successfully making money from a side hustle is not just being smart; you must also find smart ways to invest time, effort, and money.

Considering how resource-demanding a side-hustle can be at the beginning, it would be best to go for those hustles that you enjoy doing and are in line with your profession or expertise.