If you are interested in becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of the company where you work or the marketing manager of your own company, then you must be clear about the qualities most valued CMO or directors in this field.

How Do You Succeed As a CMO?

  1. Vision

You must know how to visualize, focus and create the concept for the launch of a product, service, or campaign, as well as know-how to communicate the idea with your work team so that everyone understands your vision, that is, the objective you want to achieve.

“Tomorrow needs a leader that never looks back. One that knows you won’t solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s answers,” says Wandia Chiuri, a global digital marketing executive who has worked at Fortune 500 and top-tier blue-chip companies like Samsung, Google, and Johnson & Johnson.

2. Marketing insight

You must know how to do proper research or data analysis, understand the effectiveness of marketing activities from a big-picture view—often through the use of metrics. Fundamentally, it’s all about quantifying the results of marketing efforts that take place both online and offline.

3. Analytics

You must be able to study data generated through marketing campaigns in order to discern patterns between such things as how a campaign contributed to conversions, consumer behavior, regional preferences, creative preferences, and much more. The goal of marketing analytics as a practice is to use these patterns and findings to optimize future campaigns based on what was successful.

4. Technical Prowess

You must be able to adapt and adopt existing and emerging technologies in your field to produce better results for your company.

Digital change needs to be welcomed and this shift in mindset needs to be seen in each individual employee as well on an organizational level.

5. Big Data Dexterity

You must be able to execute a task skillfully, ‘Digital Dexterity’ is building an agile workplace and a workforce that constantly thinks about business outcomes, by leveraging digital technologies

6. Strategic Mindset

Being strategic is considered the most enigmatic area of practice in marketing. Whether you are an in-house marketer or a veteran marketing consultant, ‘Strategic’ is the greatest prop word for Marketers. Everyone, new or seasoned, wants to be strategic but few realize what ‘being strategic’ really means (or why it matters). 

Many consider exceptional report writing skills or working around trending social media hashtags to be what it means to accomplish a strategic marketing campaign.

7.- Tactical Planning

You must be able to generate leads, build websites, place ads, and follow up. It includes advertising, sales promotions, and other activities that directly support your strategic marketing plan. And because your strategic marketing plan includes establishing a budget- tactical planning preparation should take into account its financial limitations in carrying out these activities.

These are the 7 qualities that I consider essential to be great in a position that for many companies is often unknown and undervalued, but necessary and essential for those who discover their true value. Remember that marketing is a matter of perception, and not necessarily of reality. Just because we have a great product doesn’t mean that everyone is going to buy it.

Being a good marketing director is not easy, it takes a lot of experience, perseverance, risk, skills, unlearning, learning and a certain amount of courage. The best, talk with other colleagues that you meet along the way, and above all, learn from the best.