You are going to need tech skills wherever you go, especially with most jobs requiring knowledge of software to complete tasks smoothly and well. 

If you are new to the information technology industry then you are going to have an advantage if you are able to undertake short courses in common applications and information technology training. 

If you already are well-trained it may be good to refresh your knowledge and check you are up to speed with the latest developments.

Then you can consider these in-demand tech careers.

Machine Learning

You could be using a product of machine learning yourself every day without realizing it. Predictive texting and self-driving cars are examples of machine learning. 

A machine learning engineer’s salary averages up to $109K, but the pay could be higher with the complexity of your job! As an example, developing and running scripts would get you less pay than, say, creating an automation engine that will take care of your blog content for you.

This is an ever-growing field as people are striving to automate more and more daily tasks.

Full-Stack Developer

Junior developers are more familiar with either the front-end or back-end development of a website or app. A senior developer would be well-versed with both developments to produce software for use either in-house or for external clients.

These developers can earn about 130K per year by developing this kind of software, but they will need more than just programming skills. Creative thinking and an understanding of the specific business sector are also necessary to program good software. 

Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are no longer only for phone calls and text messages. The basic requirements for a phone today would include HD cameras and an array of useful apps that are frequently updated.

A mobile app developer in Sydney can earn around 56K annually, and you can expect your pay to increase if you are a well-versed app development on both Android and iOS interfaces.

Search Engine Marketing

Arguably one of the easiest skills to learn in the list of high-demand tech jobs is search engine marketing. Courses and lessons on SEM can be found for free on Google and Bing, as well as other reputable online sources.

An SEM Specialist can earn about 82K annually, with their roles heavily centred around digital ad platforms, keyword research and optimization. They will need several training sessions to be an expert at their job and competition is high.

Business Intelligence Analyst

This role will require expertise in understanding and utilizing your business data from all sources – social media pages, CRM and many more. A business intelligence analyst should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems.

Individuals with this job role can earn an average of AUD84K each year, and rightfully so. Their role also includes a need to communicate the data into layman terms, which is no easy feat.

Cloud Architect

These architects need to deploy, manage and support cloud applications. They need to be well-versed in different operating systems, networks and programming languages to strengthen their company’s cloud computing strategies.

The complexity of this job has set their salaries to be at an average of 147K per annum, but the pay could vary depending on where in Australia you are based. 

Cyber Security Specialist

A cybersecurity specialist takes care of organizational safety by finding and fixing any vulnerabilities in their computer systems, software, and data bank. They also have to enforce and maintain the existing cybersecurity measures.

While the amount is not very certain, it is said that individuals with this skill can earn around 154K annually.