Mornings set the tone for the entire day and are the key to productivity throughout the day. Mornings are when emails are sent, calls are made, and meetings arranged, so it’s the time of the day to be on the top of your game.

Knowing this, and realizing that start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs need their energy and productivity more than most, these are 7 key physical and psychological morning routines suggested for start-up CEOs.

1. Waking up before the alarm goes off:

Every night it is important to picture in the mind the time on the alarm clock reading 5 minutes before the time it is actually set to go off. This visualization often leads to just that – waking up about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, leading away from the agitation of dealing with a noisy alarm.

2. The first thought:

Train the mind to think “It is a great day” the second you wake up. Repeat it in your head, several times before opening your eyes, until it is automatic. The first contentious thought of the day is the most valuable thought of the day.

3. Gratitude:

Keep a gratitude list next to the bed. Upon opening your eyes, read them out loud to yourself. Gratitude has multiple health benefits, including improving both psychological and physical health.

4. Water:

Ensure that you drink at least 16oz of water after getting out of bed. This is significantly more important than an energy drink or coffee. Drinking the water instantly wakes the body up. Water has been shown to create an environment in the body that is better able to absorb nutrients, enhance metabolism and fuel the brain.

5. Sunshine:

After the above and basic hygiene is completed, it’s time to get outside. Spend at least 5 minutes outside in the sun and fresh air. Sunshine and fresh air clear the mind and help reduce anxiety and depression, amongst other benefits.

6. Breakfast:

Breakfast needs to be prepped the night before. As is often said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting fuel in your body allows the mind to focus more easily as well as providing energy.

7. Affirmations:

One of the biggest keys to a morning, and it is almost always missed, is stating morning affirmations. There are several apps that have been developed that people can use for this, or they can even be handwritten and said aloud. Affirmations are a way to create positivity in a mind, not only in the conscious but more importantly, in the subconscious as well.

Incorporating these seven morning rituals allow for a healthier, more productive morning, creating a greater environment for successful start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs.