Motivation is an indisputable issue that we encounter in all areas of life. It is perhaps the most important factor affecting success in business life. The most strategic element that determines the success level of a business is human. 

The success of businesses depends on the efficient and effective use of human power. Employing people efficiently is only possible by motivating them in the best way.

Workplaces, where we spend almost one third of our daily lives, are an important environment for individuals. Individuals who are satisfied with their job work more eagerly and efficiently, their creativity and commitment to their work increase. They provide social and psychological satisfaction from the work they do.

Today, as a result of the increasing competition, the difficulty of finding and retaining qualified personnel, employee satisfaction and motivation have become more important.

Tips for increasing motivation

Although “wage” is seen as the most effective factor in employee motivation; For the employees who are important to the company and directly contribute to the success of the company, materiality may not be enough for the most part. If the employee cannot provide psychological and social satisfaction from his / her job, factors such as wage increase or premium will not be enough to close this gap after a while.

We have compiled the intangible motivation tips you can apply to increase the motivation of your employees:

Be respectful and courteous: When managers come to the office in the morning , greeting employees , using words such as “thank you” and “please” increases the motivation of the employees by making them feel more peaceful or important.

Appreciate, reward: Telling employees that they have done a very good job in a project they took part in or that they have achieved a job beyond what the task requires is another factor that positively affects motivation.

Organize social activities: Organizing social activities increases the satisfaction and sense of belonging of the employees by providing socialization and connection with each other.

Try to communicate clearly, consistently and frequently: Communication is an integral part of any relationship as well as the workplace. Managers, who are in frequent contact with their employees, explain better what they expect from their employees and have clearer information about what employees expect from them.

Offer development opportunities: Providing training opportunities to support the personal and professional development of your employees will make your employees feel valued.

Provide your employees with a good and clean work environment: In a good and clean work environment, employees feel valued. It is necessary to provide clean and spacious working environments and comfortable vehicles to increase the motivation of employees who spend a significant part of the day at work.

Spend time for your employees: When your employee wants to meet with you, give him / her time, focus entirely on him / her without dealing with different things.

These are how Tesla, Google, Apple, Algedra Interior Design Company keep motivated their employees.