Sadness is part of life. This reality is a sad reality in itself. It comes to us, sometimes, not because we want it, but because the world does not depend on us only to give us the things we covet; it depends on others as well. However, if or when it comes, allow sadness to have its course. It can be tears, let them out. It shows that your emotion as a human is intact and preserved. Let the tears also have their course −for they wash out the dirt of the eyes, providing them with it a clearer vision. After that, bounce back like a ball and redirect your path towards your goal. Here are 7 life tips to help you keep your head above sadness.

1.   Take inspirations from sad quotes:

Though usually called sad quotes, the quotes don’t exonerate sadness or depression. They are like a torch that helps you to find your way through the dark alley of darkness into light. They are very helpful and encouraging to make you bounce back on your feet.

2.   Acknowledge that sadness is part of life:

You have to know that whatever happens to you, does not happen because you are a bad person. This is life, and sadness is a part of it. So, don’t grief so much over it; consider it as a phase from which you must move on to the next.

3.   Associate yourself with friends:

In sad times, friends are an anchor to a wandering ship. There is the rare comfort that friends have to offer and they have the subtle trick of livening you up. In hard times, some of them just come over to crash at your place to keep you company while some open their door for you to come for a break. Words and cheerfulness found in friends are survival hacks in sad times.

4.   Attend comedy shows:

Go out to catch some fun with your favorite comedian at a comedy show. You may just get some clips or subscribe to YouTube channels to watch some comedies. It will lighten your mood and make you unburden sadness. In fact, to a great extent, it helps to fuel you with positive energy.

5.   Develop a positive attitude:

A positive attitude to things will help you to overcome sadness by seeing better things. The attitude helps you know that dwelling on sadness does not improve things for you, but the best way to get ahead is by pushing for productivity in other things.

6.   Divert energy into something productive:

Instead of gloating about heartbreaks and the pain that comes with sad events, one great thing you can do is to divert energy into something productive that you have always wanted to do. Using productivity as a means of escaping the entrapment of sadness is a safe haven that saves always.

7.   Create time for fun:

Take time out to attend a party. Go for a summer moment at the beach or you can attend a karaoke night out. All work and no play makes… (insert your name) a dull person. You should catch some fun!