Medical alert systems are an effective way of staying safe or informed, depending on who you are and what your circumstances may be. Several people have found that they are in a better position in terms of health and security since they’ve opted for one. Here are seven reasons why you may want to consider getting one for someone in your own home.

1.Not Just for Old People

Although medical alert systems are primarily associated with old people, the elderly are not the only demographic that can benefit from them. Accidents can happen to anyone whose physical abilities are restricted in some way, and this includes old people, the disabled or even healthy people who are recovering from a major injury.


Most elderly people choose to live in retirement homes once they reach a certain age, since it becomes difficult for them to take care of themselves. However, these homes can be quite expensive to pay for, and some may not be able to afford them, while others may feel they are not worth the expense, in spite of the comforts offered at these places. A medical alert system is convenient in that it is a onetime payment and is affordable and still helpful.

3.Extra Features

Most alarm systems come with extra features that inform the wearer as well as any caregivers of things like missing or taking too much medication, so that appropriate steps can be taken to rectify the problem. Some even come with things like carbon monoxide detectors and wake up calls, which are an added bonus. Life can be made easier for the elderly, rather than just having an emergency system for dire situations.

4.Round-The-Clock Assistance

Alarm systems are connected with places that offer medical services throughout the day. So, when an alarm is sounded, wearers can be assured that help will be at their doorstep within minutes. Some systems allow wearers to have a two-way conversation with professionals who are trained in helping people in emergency situations.

5.Response Time

When an accident had occurred and the wearer needs help, pushing the panic button will notify next of kin or any other caregivers, as well as notify nearby medical or emergency services, if necessary. Since users specify the numbers and contacts to notify, medical assistance can be there within minutes of the accident, to take care of the situation.


Many elders prefer to stay in their own home during old age, because they choose to live in the privacy that staying at home can offer. Opting for a medical response system allows them to enjoy this privacy while getting the help they need. This also helps them maintain a sense of dignity, and a sense of independence that comes with living on their own.

7.Peace of Mind

Elders tend to acquire a fear of accidents as they grow older and experience their first fall. This often leads to a cycle effect, where worry leads to falls, which only feeds the worry more. An alert system can help ease this worry, by giving them the knowledge that even if they do have an accident, help will be on its way within minutes. A sense of security can alleviate fears by a large degree.

Taking care of vulnerable people requires commitment, dedication and a whole lot of compassion. At the end of the day, they are people with feelings and as caregivers, it is important to ensure that they do not feel like they are lacking in any way. Although it may seem like elderly care has taken a backseat for many young people with aging family members or any other loved ones, this does not have to be the case. With more and more people being made aware of ways to take care of them, and new technology coming out that makes it easier to do so, this can change.