Beginning of the new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the goals for upcoming year and set any new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, a shocking report from Psych Central shows that only 8% of people manage to keep their new year’s resolution for various reasons. A common reason why new year’s resolutions fail is due to not being able to adjust to the new habit changes.

A great way to install a new habit is through shifting your mindset and daily actions in order to turn an idea into a reality; manifestation. With that being said, here are 7 manifestation hacks to make 2020 your best year yet.


“Manifestation isn’t magic, it’s our natural state and I’ve seen over and over again with my clients and myself that it’s simply a powerful practice to help achieve our goals and create life beyond our wildest dreams,” Jessica Caver Lindholm, the founder of To Living Free, explains, “a go-to practice for myself and my clients is focusing on vision beyond the vision. Shift your focus to what you’d be working on next if your current goals have already been achieved, which then normalizes your current desires and calls it in fast”. Lindholm elaborates further, “it is like how athletes that compete for 100M sprints actually practice running more than 100M so that they can learn to maintain the momentum. It is the same thing with your goals. A perfect example of this is when I have been trying to hit a new revenue milestone for my company for a year straight– but as soon as I applied this technique and focused on what I would be working on if I already hit this income goal, I hit that milestone almost immediately”.


Jen Alvarez, Native Dream Planting Guide, suggests a technique that allows people to best leverage what people spend a third of their lives doing; sleep, “we may spend third of our lives sleeping! But our subconscious never sleeps. Our brains cannot distinguish between imagery and reality. So before you go to sleep, issuing a command to the subconscious before you go to sleep is one of the most powerful things you can do”.

Alvarez further explains, “the two sleep states you should pay attention to are hypnagogic state and hypnopompic state. Hypnagogic state is when you are about to fall asleep, and hypnopompic state is when you are about to wake up. For reprogramming your mind with beliefs and thoughts, leverage hypnagogic state. And when you are waking up, it is a great time to do any visualizations. Put the subconscious in your favor, and you can achieve anything you want”.


“When we have goals and desires, we tend to put it on a pedestal. As in, we keep telling ourselves we are not good enough to get what we want. This really affects the kind of actions we take. So that is why I say… Take your goals and desires off of the pedestal!” Christine Hayes, founder of Aligned Soul, mentions, “when you perceive your goal to be bigger than what you are capable of achieving, your action won’t be consistent. You won’t align with the mindset of having achieved the goal already. So normalize it!”.

Hayes further explains, “think of something you have in your life right now. It is ‘normal’ for you to have this car. ‘Of Course’ you have the clothes in your closet. That is how you need to start perceiving your goals. If your goal is to get fit, running certain number of miles would be normal. Start seeing yourself as a version of yourself who have achieved the things you want, then adjust your actions and thoughts accordingly”.


Jasmine Ivy, founder of Women of Woo, brings up a technique based on neuroscience, “this technique is called scripting. What you do is get out your journal and select a date in the future. Imagine yourself in terms of day you are writing for. Think of things that you achieved at that point in life. Start writing down as you have already hit that goal. I highly recommend people to start this off 30 day time period”.

Ivy elaborates, “the more details you add, the better. Now, the most important thing is to make sure to mix in the details you know for sure you’ll be doing. This works uses your’s memory reflex over the dreaming reflex (which can create resistance from the brain). I had a client who used technique to manifest over 6 figures of unexpected financial income”.


“The important thing is aligning your thoughts, actions and energy to the goal you are looking to achieve. That begins with asking the right questions,” Tiffany Toombs, Founder of Blue Lotus Mind Institute, suggests, “ask the questions ‘how will achieving this goal make me feel’ and ‘what is the purpose of achieving this goal’. Then take the emotions and feelings that come out of those questions. Ask yourself what you can do right now that will allow you to feel those emotions right now”.

Toombs adds, “if traveling more will help you feel excited, happy and free, what are the activities you can do right now to make you feel happier? When you build positive emotions, it changes the chemical composition of the body. The hormones we produce (serotonin + dopamine) when we are happy compared to hormones we produce in stressful situations (adrenaline + cortisol) are completely different. Just asking the right questions and being in the right emotional state has helped my clients achieve their financial goals and career goals”.


“Stop settling. Seriously. When we settle in one area, we settle in all areas. We need to show up fully and get super specific as to what you want to achieve,” Deidre Siranni, founder of Radically Aligned, says, “as humans we see the 90% of what we want and say yes to that. We settle to what we see and what we know. When you settle for less than what you want, you can’t get what you truly desire because you won’t take appropriate actions. You won’t be 100% invested into making things happen”.

Siranni provides an example, “I see this particularly in relationships and careers. They stick in a relationship that they’re happy with but they aren’t 100%. But they aren’t willing to give up that 70% of what they want to get 100%. So the important thing is to let go of what seems safe and be open. If you are training to run a marathon, you cannot expect to get there by only going for a run once a week. Stop settling for the safe option. Go with what you really want to go with”.

7. START YOUR 30 DAY INFORMATION DETOX FOR YOUR MIND “One of the most common things I see is people who read a lot of books, courses etc. They collect all the information that they read and learn in their head, but they don’t act it out. That is why I often suggest 30 day information detox” Kelly Mahalak, empowerment coach explains, “your mind can only handle so much information. And when it comes to achieving your goals, it’s not about what you know. It’s about what you do with what you know”.

Mahalak also adds, “I had a client who was doing personal development work for 2 years but wasn’t achieving her goals. So I put her on 30 day information detox where she wasn’t allowed to sign up for new information etc… In that time, her life started to change in terms of relationships and careers. This shows that how much you know won’t always determine your actions. It is the state of mind that will create massive actions and results”.