weekly calendar highlighted yellow for motivation

Although Mondays have a bad reputation for getting you down, each day of the week has its own struggle. Even your beloved weekend days can affect your positivity and prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

You need intentional steps to maintain your energy for every kind of setback your week could bring. From stress to guilt, you can manage your emotions with constructive habits.

Check out these actionable ways to keep your motivation strong through the week — and feel free to mix and match habits with different days to fit your personality and lifestyle.

1. Sunday Scaries

On Sundays, you can be overcome with dread and anxiety for the week ahead. You’re anticipating your tasks for the rest of the week, and it can keep you from getting the rest you need. But you’re not alone — in one survey, 76 percent of Americans reported feeling overly stressed on Sunday nights.

To get rid of the “Sunday scaries,” you can meet your fears head on and prepare for your week. Plan in advance to get all the extra to-do items out of your head. Record the things you’re worried about in your phone or planner, then put them aside to intentionally knock out tomorrow.

2. Monday Blues

Returning to work after the weekend can be a difficult wakeup call. You’ve got five long days ahead of you, and you don’t know how you’ll get through them.

To give you a way to measure progress and instill purpose at the beginning of your week, write out specific goals for yourself. When you have actionable steps, you can experience small victories and inch closer to the weekly finish line.

3. Tiresome Tuesdays

Many people feel like Tuesdays will never end. Whether that’s due to shifting back into work mode or dealing with memory overload, it can feel like the longest day of the week, which means your work might slow down too.

To combat the monotony of a prolonged workday, identify positive aspects of your workplace and allow yourself to enjoy them. Maybe you have a few colleagues you consider close friends or look up some motivational influencers that boost your confidence. Ask your favorite coworkers to eat lunch with you for a welcome break. Find the perks around you to improve your productivity.

4. Hump Day Woes

Now that you’re halfway through the week, you could celebrate the midway mark — but you might feel stuck instead. The Wednesday woes can catch you off guard and steal your motivation.

Rather than them dragging on, let yourself have a moment to feel whatever negative emotions have you down. Then, consider what’s weighing you down. Reorient your thoughts with positive self-talk, and remember that your perspective can drastically alter your work and give you the inspiration you need.

5. Hopeful Thursdays

Thursdays give you a glimpse of hope, but you can also lack energy and follow-through while you’re waiting for the weekend. You may be tempted to skimp on giving your goals your full attention, but keep your efficiency up until the end of the week.

Reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far, and let these achievements fuel you to finish strong. Ask yourself if you’d be proud of yourself if you slacked off now, then give yourself the opportunity to persist with mindful behavior.

6. Almost-Free Fridays

Your attention span is probably wearing thin by this point, and all you can think about it going home. When you’re this close to freedom, your focus can suffer.

Avoid predictable distractions, because now you’re in the homestretch. Spend your time on worthwhile tasks, and complete your weekly objectives. You can waste hours on digital devices, so turn off your phone or put it in a drawer far away.

7. Short-Lived Saturdays

This day is the pinnacle of your weekend, but you can experience the same kind of anticipation and stress that Sunday brings. Don’t feel guilty about staying in bed for a few extra hours.

You need a reward system to keep your motivation strong throughout the rest of the week, so go ahead and treat yourself to brunch with a friend or a shopping trip.

Channel Productivity This Week

Whatever you aim for this week, from fitness progress to conquering a work project, you can practice mindful habits to boost your determination and drive. During each day, you can combat the feelings that stop you from succeeding.

Adapt these habits for your personal needs, and watch your productivity flourish.