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People who have never learned yoga tend to categorize it with working out at a gym. Yoga is part of the Hindu culture. The practice of yoga originated over 5,000-years ago in Northern India. Yoga is a method of merging every part of the physical body with the spiritual body. The art of yoga includes severe self-discipline. When a person practices yoga they abstain from any and all indulgences. As your body becomes strong and you mature in the practice, you will understand. Yoga takes the user on a personal journey. The styles of yoga exist because everyone’s journey is unique.

Where do you begin?

There are too many styles and levels of yoga to list here. It would be impossible to explain where you will go and at what speed. It depends on your willingness to embrace the exercises. It would depend on how strong your body is. However, there are some styles of yoga that everyone should begin with. These styles plant you on solid ground and allow you to choose your destiny.

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Anusara is a style of yoga that you will use for the rest of your life. Why? Because it makes you feel good about yourself and others. It is often the first experience that a beginner will learn. Anusara follows the concept that every person is filled with goodness. Anusara teaches a physical practice to reach that place and to allow it to fill your spirit.


Yoga masters usually suggest that people begin yoga with Hatha. Hatha is a melting pot of yoga styles. It combines almost every type of yoga into a beginner-friendly and calming program. Hatha will not work up a sweat for you, But, the slow poses require tones muscles. Hatha helps you to work at your own speed.

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Why is yoga better than working out at the gym?

We are going to show you 7 reasons why yoga beats working out at the gym. When you embark on your own yoga experience, you will find many more.

  1. Every movement you make while doing yoga demands complete focus and concentration. Every action relies on the core strength of your body to complete. Yoga helps you to develop muscle tone. As your abilities improve, your body will dictate your progress, which determines when you are ready to move on.
  1. Yoga is physically demanding as you need it to be. As you progress you learn how to push yourself. You will learn to breathe with your movements which can kick your workout into high gear, speeding up the heart rate and giving you a healthy cardio exercise. Yoga will give you more flexibility.
  1. You are not competing against a team or a group. Your only competition is yourself. As you grow physically and spiritually you will instinctively push yourself to a higher level. The harder you work, the more you are rewarded.
  1. Saves money. There are no expensive costumes to buy. Once you learn yoga, you can practice it anywhere. Initially, you will need leotards, tights, or leggings and a sports bra. Purchasing something like these high-quality pieces are all you need to begin.
  1. Yoga lowers your stress level. You tune into your body and allow your mind to control every action. Breathing deeply, lowering your heart rate, and releasing stress is a benefit that you can use for the rest of your life. As you practice, your brain is releasing endorphins that naturally elevate the mood. The endorphins are what makes you feel good. Yoga is a powerful tool against depression.

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  1. Yoga is all you need. There is no need to pay for a gym membership. There are weigh-ins to “track your process.” You will not have to buy running or hiking shoes. Yoga is a one-stop shop for health.
  1. Yoga provides pain relief for chronic pain patients. Their circulation is greatly improved which calms the pain receptors in renews the mind our body.

You will hear of restorative yoga. Restorative yoga rejuvenates the spirit as the release of stress is a big factor. You cannot recharge unless you find an outlet. Restorative yoga is the perfect outlet.

Yoga for the entire family

Yoga takes many different forms. Much of yoga involves the stretching of muscles. There are special yoga classes all over the world for senior citizens. These classes have props to help the senior reach a healthy place without fear of failing

Children also benefit from yoga. They are being taught how to use their bodies and their minds. They gain self-confidence and strength.

Pregnant women should seek their doctor’s approval before embarking on a yoga lifestyle. Heat Yoga raises the temperature of the body. This is not the right yoga for you and your unborn child, Get the benefits of yoga programs selected for mildness, peacefulness, and stress release.

In your quest for health, use meditation to develop skills and your mind. Use the time before your yoga or right after yoga. This prepares your mind. This is essential in your exercise program. Yoga is not just for burning calories. It is a whole-body experience and an ancient religious custom.

More than 7 billion people practice yoga. The reason is quite clear. Yoga works. It helps you to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Anyone can do yoga, but it takes commitment. When you have decided to give it your best, you are embarking on a wonderful and life-changing journey.


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