Some days are just tough. The irritable situations start before we even make it down the stairs. Pushing and propelling, just trying to be okay even if inside we are broke. Sleepless nights. Staying up way too late working or watching television avoiding the reality. The days that you can’t wait until bedtime, and yet it’s not even noon.

Ever had one of those days? I could be incorrect, but I think we all have at some point. Perhaps you wish you could add some extra hours of peace in your day because you just can’t fit it all in. Maybe you are so stunned with life, you feel you’re sinking. Running your day sounds bit hard, do you observe a massive discomfort of defeat that just never ends? Instead of counting down the hours and minutes until bedtime, because we all know that isn’t going to help the day turn around, let’s commit to considering on key method, useful to reproof, correction, and drill in righteousness act and if anything can turn our day around, it’s simple amendments.

Is it easy, is it that hard to stay off the orientation sessions which may change life to 360 degrees? Many questions clouding, relax just be calm!

Let’s come up with a strategy. Those hard days are unavoidable. We don’t have to succumb to them. We can’t label ourselves as victims and we are not sufferers. We have a choice that matters, and we should fight. Let’s come up with a plan to take back our day. We must fight the illogical.

Are you ready? Roughly 45 percent of everything we do daily is driven by our habits. From things like checking your phone primarily thing in the morning, to taking a shower.

Are you aware that that most of us repeat these activities day by day without being thoughtful about it? This simple example relates that how easy it is to create a new habit. And if you want to change a habit, be aware our habits never truly die. We just restructure our priorities adding core discipline.

They are just conquered by challenging habits. That is why old habits sometimes sneak back into our lives. Now I am going to segment seven secrets that can change your life. that I was enthused to write this post and share with you, the habits that have made an impact and changed my life.


Our mind can fill up with needless and undesirable junk, so it’s significant to get things shaped. Exercise self- awareness and mindfulness by converging your attention on the present situations no matter how hard it is to cope be calm. Slow down, breathe to a slow count of 8, keep a journal, take a walk in the gardens, sunset views or immerse yourself in a favorite pastime like hearing music. Do minimal and focus on only one thing at a time as much as conceivable, ask for help if it is essential.
Organize and declutter. Just like the confusion and chaos in our mind that can cause trouble, disordered mess in our home and/or workplace can create stress and fodder hindrance that may emerge as a frustrating point. Clean out, then recycle and restructure anything that is no longer required. Create the space you need to breathe and feel comfortable and would love to be in, that would relax nerves and calm your mind.


Devote in yourself and learn something that would keep you occupied driving away unnecessary anxiety and worries. Are you creative? As a child, did you love to draw or play musical instruments? Did you love playing with sand mud that relates you have liking to earth something to gardening. If so, pick it up and do it again! Read, take short courses and learn or be your own master learn by self be innovative be creative. Invest time and money on you and do it with joy and happiness. Just have fun with it and don’t push yourself too hard in the process. Accept your flaws and learn to live with them take time to rectify learn and grow evolve as your new self.

We should be the one who accept and believe in our self and assign self-priority, so allocate some time for yourself every day. Get out of your customary agenda for a little while by devoting time with your kids or your pet. Or friends or loved ones. Discover something that gives you happiness, even if you can only carve out ten to fifteen minutes each day. Remember that everyone has flaws, just like you. Detect your weak points and accept them and work on them.

3. Affirmations (Apply & benefits)

A major problem with critical situations is negative thoughts, which tend to flit into our consciousness, do their damage and flit back out again, with their significance having barely been noticed. Since we do not challenge them, they can be completely inappropriate and erroneous. However, this does not diminish their harmful effect.

So, how do we deal with this crisis?

Affirmative statements can aid in an enhanced way!

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts.

They help you visualize, and believe in, what you’re affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes to your life and career.

While there’s limited research into the effectiveness of using affirmations in a general setting, there is evidence that the use of positive affirmations can successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other emotional disturbances that trigger health conditions.

To use affirmations, first analyse the thoughts or behaviours you’d like to change in your own life and career.

Next, come up with positive, credible, present tense statements that are the opposite of these thoughts.

Repeat your affirmations several times a day, especially when you find yourself slipping into a negative thinking pattern, or engaging in a negative behaviour.

Affirmations help you to build self-confidence.

By layering the base of your affirmations on the clear, rational assessments of facts that you made using rational thinking, you can undo the damage that negative thinking may have done to your self-confidence.

Affirmations should be always in present tense and must be clear in expressions that would make an immediate connection with your subconscious mind and the positive approach towards life can be gravitated.

Feelings of imperfections can be transmuted with the affirmations by writing a self-note that can be used as a self-guideline tool on the daily basis that would enhance your performance in every phase that you face.

“I am well experienced for this. I have the skills, and the resources that I need for the work and I can always learn more through and I am compatible for this work, I am well prepared for all possible issues. I can do a really good job.”

Worries about performance and issues that are outside our control can always be settled with this positive affirmation that can help as a building block.


Keep a journal that tracks your routine involvements with concern. By putting your thoughts on paper, you both express your feelings and may also help identify certain triggers that are causing the worry. Make it a point to update your journal every night for the best outcomes.

Write down why you’re doing this. Why it’s important to you. Why is removing negative energy from your life important to you? What will you prioritize. Recognize that worrying is not helping you but draining your energy and stressing you out, start to notice what triggers you to worry much and allow yourself by detaching prioritize your intentions sometimes it is okay to let yourself off the hook.

It’s easy to say you’re going to do something and not follow through. Since until you make it a priority, it’s going to be a lingering thought in your head. Something you’d like to do, but not something you’re dedicated.


Create your own mindfulness jar of creative ideas. Exercise and refresh your mind by solving riddles, joining some creative courses, pottery, quilt making or take old newspapers cutting them into various shapes and recreating an art as a graffiti there are numerous ways, drawing, painting or any creative project that you relish. Such developments will keep you busy and give you a wisdom of fulfillment and self-importance!


Apply mindfulness to exercise emotional and behavioral calming skills. Learn to perceive, become more aware, work on a non-condemnatory attitude, and focus on the job at hand. With these exercises, you can achieve a balanced state of mind within a comparatively short period of time.

A simple workout that you can exercise right now:

Sit straight and restfully, focus on your breathing, pay attention to the ambiances of inhaling and let your breath out. Repeat it. Allow anything that comes to your mind to drift away and emphasis on your breathing exercise and listen to relaxing music to make this exercise easier. Learn how to treat yourself become a morning person quit old habits, remember everything you experience help you to evolve.


Find the causes for your anxiety and panic attacks by asking yourself very simple questions like: Did I have too much coffee ? Have I been too tired?  Am I following a balanced diet? Am I anxious or worry about situations before they occur? Try to grip the root cause of your negative feelings.

Positive thinking helps to fortify our perceptions and that is the core key to unlock stressful situations. Thus, we must accept the fact that, it is not the life or our destiny that is playing unfair, but it is our approach towards the situations, our interpretations of the situations that would drive the stress levels.

Yet, sometimes the situations may be very critical and treacherous too that could lead us into fear or anxiety that may impact us overall in every phase thus the related emotions can be taken as alert or early warning symptoms and we can harness the positive approach and be ready to face the circumstances.

While there’s limited research into the effectiveness of using affirmations in a general setting, there is evidence that the use of positive affirmations can successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health conditions

just be who you are and avoid overthinking

Overthinking, rarely delivers any useful insights. In fact, it creates more anxiety. Learn to live harmony in your life rather than trying to fix everything. The blend of your fortes and flaws make you the individual you are!

Stay Inspired Stay Motivated


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