7 Signs That Social Media Is Making You Harming You

Think and answer: when was the last time you checked social media today?

It is possible that it was a few minutes ago when you stopped everything you were doing to take a look at your notifications. No problem with that, if it weren’t for the anxiety you felt when faced with that flood of information.

Conversations on WhatsApp, posts on Facebook, stories on Instagram, videos on Youtube… Phew! After all, there is so much to see, answer, share, post…

You feel half lost and wonder if this is not making you too anxious. In fact, the problem may lie in the excesses you commit and sometimes don’t even notice. However, isn’t it time to pay more attention to this?

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In this article, We will list seven signs that will help you to understand if the excessive use of social networks is what is harming – and a lot – your well-being.

Sign #1 – Checking social media is the first and last thing you do on the day

You go to bed, you’re dying of sleep, but the cell phone is still in your hand. No closing your eyes before giving the last check on social media. However, just take a look and that’s it, sleep is gone! The way then is to continue online until you can sleep.

Still, the next day, when you wake up, the first thing you do is take out your cell phone and open social media, to see what they are publishing. The day has hardly started and you already feel tired.

Sign #2 – You check social networks endlessly throughout the day

Only five minutes have passed since the last time you checked social media. However, even then you stop again and look at everything again. Did someone ask you something important on WhatsApp? And if the blogger posted a new tutorial on Youtube, the one you were waiting for?

What if someone commented on your last post on Facebook? In fact, how many likes so far? You think about it all and go running and take another look. Finally, the scroll bar goes on and on, after the news.

Sign #3 – You feel out of everything when you are not connected to social networks

You can’t handle the idea of ​​spending an entire day disconnected. When that happens, he feels completely excluded and out of everything. He is consumed by anxiety, anger and nervousness and prays for the day to end soon. It is a pain for you to “disconnect” from the virtual world.

Sign #4 – You walk distracted and can’t concentrate

You get so caught up in social media that you don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around you. He doesn’t see that the line has moved, the light has opened, the elevator has arrived. In addition, it has difficulties to concentrate on the simplest routine tasks, due to technological distractions. At work, he takes frequent breaks to check social media and takes time to regain focus. “Where did I stop?” – you ask yourself often.

Sign #5 – You interact with the real and virtual world at the same time

As much as you try to police yourself, you still can’t be 100% present when you talk to someone in person. There is always a cell phone to disturb. And in it is your entire arsenal of applications; all social networks with one click. A new message is enough for your sense of urgency to scream. There it was. You will respond to the message on the spot, even if nothing is urgent. The other who waits or tries to continue the conversation in the virtual world.

Sign #6 – You worry too much about having the approval of others

It is not enough to just post. You have to spend time and energy thinking about texts and subtitles before publishing. All in search of the approval of others, which is instantaneous in the virtual world. It comes from likes, comments, shares etc.

So, your post and you can’t shut down. You are anxious or anxious to know the response of the audience and follow everything in real-time. If the publication is not a success, the result is frustration, low self-esteem, insecurity and dissatisfaction.

7 – You compare yourself all the time with others

Compare your life, your body and your social status with the famous blogger, Facebook friend, coworker and so on … You think the neighbour’s grass is always greener and blames himself for not having the same “perfect” life ”.

However, something is always missing. The feeling is that you are falling behind, while everyone is taking a step forward. Here comes the demands, the frustration, the anguish and the anxiety.

Social networks – Small changes can help

For technology to bring more benefits than harm in your life, try making small changes. Check out the tips:

  1. When you are on a personal or professional appointment, leave your cell phone stored;
  2. Establish times to access social networks during the day;
  3. Disable all notifications from your cell phone;
  4. Keep your smartphone away from you at bedtime;
  5. Don’t start the day by checking social media. Do this after breakfast;
  6. Always seek moments of leisure and fun in real life;
  7. Practice the mindfulness technique to learn how to better deal with your thoughts and emotions ;
  8. Do therapy in search of self – knowledge ;
  9. Take a day off from the internet and see how you feel