“Life is simple, it’s just not easy.”

Steve Maraboli, Researcher

Dedicated to: The students and people who are currently struggling in life.

7 things that you can do to make your life easier:

Someone with a busy schedule can easily feel overwhelmed with all the things they have to do. It may feel like you can’t control everything at once, and that you’re stuck in a traffic jam. So many people feel this way every day, whether they go to school, work, or just stay at home. I’ve compiled a list of seven simple things that we can do to make it easier to drive in a straight line.

1. Prepare Your Outfits

Preparing your outfits before each day can make your life easier by making decisions that won’t overwhelm your brain. I’ve been told that we have a certain amount of good decisions that we can make before our brains get tired. If we can decide our outfits for the next day, that’s one less decision to make and one more that we can use for more important things. For example, choosing whether or not to do your work or binge watch a show, and no matter how much I love ‘Friends’, Chandler and Joey can wait.

2. Meal Planning

As I said before, we only have a certain amount of decisions to make before we tire our brains and need sleep. Meal planning can lower the number of decisions you have to make, which would be; “What should I eat today?” We’ve all asked ourselves that question and decided to just get pizza because it’s easier. Mapping out what you’re going to eat that day can also help because you won’t have to worry about that night’s dinner, relieving some of the stress off your shoulders.

3. Cutting Down Sugar

Our lives are so busy, and one of the reasons we can’t get things done is because we’re so sleepy. Cutting down our sugar can help us to stay energized for a longer amount of time. Having coffee in the mornings can also be the reason why we’re so tired in the afternoon, it’s because the caffeine intake has worn off, and now you need more sugar. Taking snacks to school or work can help you stay awake and alive.

4. Setting A Bedtime

As we all know, we all need sleep. Even though I’m only 14-years-old, I’ve had my share of bad mornings, mostly because I’ve only gotten six hours of sleep that night. No, it’s not fun. That’s why getting more sleep can help your daily schedule have a boost of energy that can make it more fun and productive, instead of going to school/work with the worst look on your face and glaring at everyone who smiles. That’s just rude.

5. Spreading Out Your Schedule

When we’re so packed with things in our lives, it’s hard to take a breather and just chill. I can tell you right now that we need chill time. If we re-scheduled our appointments throughout the month instead of cramming them into one week, we can be less stressed, therefore making our lives easier. If you look at what you have planned on your calendar – if it’s appointments or errands – try and put things in a mannerly order stacked together by days instead of by the hour.

6. Work Before You Enjoy

We’ve all procrastinated at one point or another in our lives. Imagine this, you come home from work/school/errands and you have some things to do like chores or homework. You go onto your phone or computer and do everything but work, then you realize the time and notice that you have those chores/homework to do. Luckily you still have that meal plan so you don’t have to worry about that! Sound like a familiar evening? Yeah, because it’s the most common type of evening there is. One that involves staying up late doing the most important things. I have a rule ‘Suffer now, enjoy later’ or ‘work before you enjoy’. That’s how I always get things done and also how I published two articles last month. Work before you enjoy, if you work hard, you’ll get more time to binge watch ‘Friends’ on Netflix.

7. Always Think Positively 

Thinking positively is crucial to making your life easier. Negative thoughts can cloud your mind, making it seem impossible to finish the simplest things and no one needs that kind of negativity in their lives. So how do you do that? How do you be positive when you have so many things on your to-do list? It’s called a smile. Stretch your cheeks out and show your teeth. Smiles can automatically improve your work-space and the people around you. It’s like a chocolate bar, every time you share a piece, someone gets a little happier. There’s always enough to go around.


  • Shreya Ladva

    16 year old writer and filmmaker

    Shreya Ladva is a young writer who is deeply interested in spreading happiness. Publishing articles since she was 14, Shreya loves to write a variety of works ranging from screenplays to short stories. She encourages others and has a deep affection for her family, friends, and the city of Vancouver, Canada where she grew up.