Is your career stagnated and you feel it’s time to get things spiced up for a better future? Being happy in your career not only improves your overall productivity but also gives you a competitive edge. If you are seeking to advance your career, use these smart strategies.

Have a clear picture of your plans and goals

Advancing your career goes hand in hand in setting both the short term and long term goals. The importance of planning is showing you the direction you need to take in carrying out your tasks at the workplace. Your goals should also showcase your career milestones and therefore help you work on where needs improvement. You might be a beauty artist working tirelessly to advance your career, why not have plans and goals for your work?

Build strong work networks

Networking is very important in your career as it exposes you to new roles and responsibilities. Keeping your resumes, CV, and work portfolios in all your social networks help you stay open to better opportunities. Having networks with workers from your field of work gives you a chance to share your work experiences thus improving your job performance. Always have an online presence whatever your career revolves around.

Advance your education

Going back to school is one smart strategy of advancing your career. What a boss sees in a worker who is advancing their education is a brilliant mind ready to tackle challenges. Education also enables you to be open-minded. Both in the classroom and outside the classroom experiences shape you well. Learning also gives new attitudes towards lifestyle choices like the best schools you always wanted for your kids.

Develop problem-solving and leadership skills

One way to be happy in your career is to always find solutions to problems. What’s that issue that disturbs people and you have the capacity to solve? Also, being a leader instills discipline in you as you are obliged to carry yourself with dignity all the time. These personal skills can take you far ahead in your career as time goes by. You have an added advantage in the professional world since, besides your roles, you have people skills. This serves to build your brand. Are people around you in need of creativity in an area that happens to be your career path and you are good at it? Well, go ahead and solve this problem.

Ask for occasional feedback

You need to know how your work is progressing and the best way to do it is by asking for feedback. Ask your supervisor how your performance is on a regular basis. Getting feedback whether positive or negative helps you improve on your weaknesses and better your best or strengths. If for instance, you are a hair-stylist fixing long pixie cuts, getting feedback from your customers (both happy and disappointed) counts a lot.

View challenges as opportunities

If you want to advance in your career, view your challenges as opportunities for growth. Ensure that you learn from every challenge that arises so that it becomes a stepping stone to a better career life. If for instance, you are completely unable to perform a new task assigned to you, just don’t fret about it. What about considering enrolling for an online class for the same?

View at yourself working in an executive barbershop and a customer calls in requiring long pixie cuts. You completely have no idea what it is about; embark on a journey on learning the ins and outs of long pixie cuts. Within a short while you will have become an expert and therefore used a challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Pursue interests and hobbies aligned to your career

If in the recent past your work is demanding and always boring, finding an interest that aligns it is important. This is because as much as you are spending your leisure time, you are also practicing the job. When you are of-job, use your spare time to practice a hobby you love. In the long run, you hone your work skills to be an expert in your career field. Then, you will have achieved two things at once. That is work-life balance.


Nothing is more important than being happy in your career. This is because you are able to move to the next step in the best way possible. It doesn’t matter but even the the baby steps serves a big role in advancing your career. Don’t stagnate again; rather use these strategies to take your career ahead.