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I am passionate about passion, purpose, and potential. If you are not playing full-out in your own life out of fear, insecurity, or doubt, you are not living up to your full potential.

To fully take on living passionately and purposefully in full pursuit of your potential, it will require you to face yourself.

It will require you to look head on where you are not aligned with what you truly say you want in life.

Nothing fires me up more than setting my own and your soul on fire for being and becoming all you are created to be. Nothing saddens and pisses me off more than seeing anyone living below their potential in every way.

At the same time, it’s important to remind ourselves that life is about progress, not perfection. So, take on this 7 Step Transformation Challenge approach each week to transform your life.

1. Spirit Strong

It’s Monday or Tuesday or Saturday. How did you get spirit strong today? Life hits us or will hit us or is hitting us. So, how strong are you to grow through it or to handle it?

To get spirit strong, this may look like daily prayer, meditation, journaling, or all three. For some, this is speaking your I AM statement’s daily. Or maybe a walk outside in the middle of the day to clear your head is exactly what you need. This may be music that lights you up inside.

The key is to set up a routine that sets you up for success first thing in the morning. What you do the first hour of the day will influence the rest of your day. The same goes for how you end your day.

What do you want to reflect on as you sleep? Do you reflect on gratitude, your goals, and what you want in life before you end the day? Think about how you are living your day to day right now.

Credit: Leo Parias: Costa Rica

2. Mental Moves

What habits do you currently practice mentally? Do you practice gratitude, joy, and abundance?

Or do you find yourself voicing what you lack, discontentment, and scarcity? Take a good honest look at the thoughts that are happening and the words you speak.

One of my favorites in this area recently is the book – Secret of Success is Not an Accident by Tommy Newberry. I’ve now read this book 7 times. There are still new things I discover or implement each time.

Take a mental inventory of your thoughts, words, and deeds. This will help you get clear on some stinking thinking. Decide to implement a shift in your habits even if you do it one day a week to start.

3. Energy is Everything

How are you treating your body? Do you drink enough water daily? Do you move and exercise? Do you fuel for success with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats? Do you eat consistently?

I get it I’ve been there. When I was 55 lbs. heavier than I am now, I did of the opposite. I made everyone and everything more important than pouring in self-love into my own tank first. Then, when I was depleted and resentful I didn’t understand my own emotions.

The first step is being self-aware then making a change in a habit per month step by step.

Think about it. A car would run out of gas if it didn’t have fuel. Why do we think our bodies would be any different?

Energy isn’t solely our food. Energy literally is everything. Ask yourself how are you spending your time. What shows are you watching? What music do you listen to? Who do you surround yourself with?

It’s time to pour and keep pouring self-love into ourselves daily.

Photo Credit: Leo Parias Featured @katrinajuliafit @thetourwife @postcardstoseattle

4. Create What You Love

Our emotions are powerful indicators of a desire or inaccurate thinking. Either way, they are a trigger.

Are you creating what you love? Does your soul feel on fire for life? Or do you repeatedly find yourself waking up and dreading yet another day feeling unfulfilled?

I believe life is a precious gift and what we do it with it is our gift back. Yes, there can be moments and times that are painful. Yes, we have opportunities for growth. I get it.

When I lost one of my best-friends Janelle in 2013, it woke me up in countless ways. One of them was asking myself, “Was I truly living the life I desired and playing full out”?

Are you?

5. Powerful Playtime

Do you play? Do you dance? Do you go to the park? Do you laugh?

Giving ourselves playtime is powerful. Laughter is often the best medicine. I ask myself daily – am I laughing every hour now? I remember times years ago being or working in environments where I wasn’t. I realized all of it needed to change.

As a reformed workaholic, I also schedule playtime in weekly. Yes, I schedule it. I know it is not my default so I make sure every week when I look at my week I make sure I put in playtime. As I’ve grown and practiced this, I do it now more spontaneously.

What new class could you take? How about a new experience or a fitness class?

Photo Credit: Leo Parias featured @postcardstoseattle
Just hanging around @wanderlust in Atlanta

6. Financial Focus

Let’s get into a touchy topic (as if we haven’t already). How often do you think about your money mindset? Gut check: What’s your average income for the last five years? What’s the range in your family tree? Do you regularly review what you spend?

Did you know that millions of Americans are one paycheck from poverty? Prosperity Now

Do you want to have time, location and /or financial freedom? Do you want to shift your family’s legacy? It may be time to take a serious look at creating, giving, saving, investing, leverage, and spending (what I call the 6 Pack of Wealth).

I understand sometimes the use of money to avoid dealing with the hard stuff. I get burying our heads in the sands. No different than health, I’ve had quite the transformation myself with wealth so I am right there with you.

What baby steps (pun intended I am a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University student and group leader) could you take today to change your financial future and legacy?

7. Be a Community Creator

We are all in this human experience together. It is important to learn from one another in countless ways. Understand you are not alone. What is your relationship with your family like currently? How could you take steps to improve it? What about increasing the joy?

As you have multiple gifts, talents, and abilities, think of ways you may create community and help others. It may be with something you have overcome. Perhaps a purpose you are passionate about.

Think of ways to give back locally, nationally and globally. We all need it. You will be amazed at what a community creator you may be and how this alone may dramatically change how you feel about life.

The Challenge for You

What if you took on this transformation challenge each week? What if step by step you shifted every area of your life (or the ones you want to)? Imagine your life 3 months, 6 months, a year from now.

Imagine if you got so clear and focused that you took on 1-3 actions in each of these areas every single day. What if you helped others take on the same approach of fully taking on ownership for our lives?

Imagine the world we would see.

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