Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things to do. Your body may just not be ready to face the day. Fortunately, you can alleviate this problem by engaging in morning stretches. These exercises may increase your energy and make your muscles more limber. However, it’s essential that you complete the right ones. If you want some guidance on this subject, here are seven stretches to do after waking up.

1. Full Body Stretch

Immediately after waking up, it’s helpful to perform a full body stretch. This quick and easy exercise can engage your muscles and get some energy flowing. All you need to do is stretch out your body to its fullest extent. Reach your legs to one end of the bed and your arms to the other. Try to ensure that most of the muscles in your body are engaged.

2. Spine Twist

This is a great stretch to do early on. You can complete it while lying on your back in bed, so it’s easy to get into. Simply move onto your back and lift one knee up. Turn the knee towards the opposite side while keeping your shoulders on the bed. This helps to loosen your sides and lower back. When you’re doing it, remember to be careful. Stretching too intensely could result in a pulled muscle or an even worse injury, in which case you may want to look for insurance quotes. Try to listen to your body’s needs without judgement.

3. Upper Back Stretch

Your upper back is likely to be tight after you wake up. You can gently stretch it while either sitting up or standing. Clasp your hands together and lift your arms above your head. Next lean your torso and arms forward by folding from your middle back. This should cause a pulling sensation between your shoulder blades. If you’re standing up, you’ll want to bend your legs to keep the stretch light.

4. Neck Stretch

Another area that’s likely to be sore when you wake up is your neck. Fortunately, gentle neck stretches are very easy to do. While either sitting or standing, lean your head towards one of your shoulders. Try not to raise your shoulders in an effort to connect with your head. Instead, relax your entire back and keep it still. Hold your head wherever’s comfortable for about fifteen seconds. If you feel limber, you can use your hands to gently push your head down.

5. Arm Rotations

If your shoulders and arms feel especially sore, you should try doing arm rotations. All you have to do is bring your arms out parallel to the floor and move both in continuous circles. You can make the circles bigger if you aren’t feeling much. Switch your direction after about fifteen seconds. When doing this exercise, it’s important to keep your shoulder blades down. Raising your shoulders could cause you to build muscles in the wrong place.

6. Quad Stretch

Completing a quad stretch in the morning can do more than loosen your leg muscles. It also helps to improve balance by forcing you to stand on one leg. First, bend one of your knees and reach backwards to grab the foot. Use the same arm as leg (left for left and right for right). If you’re having trouble balancing, don’t take a chance. Place your standing side hand on a nearby chair or wall. Once you’re stable, begin gently pulling the foot you’re holding closer to your back. Hold this position for about twenty seconds.

7. Figure Four

Figure fours are excellent for stretching out your hips. You can complete this stretch while either lying down or standing up. If you do it standing up, you’ll get the added bonus of working on your balance. Either way, start off by bending one leg and placing the opposite foot on the bent leg’s knee. This should create a ninety degree angle. Try to gently push the knee of your angled leg away from you.

Completing stretches after you wake up is a great way to energize your body. As long as you stay safe, this activity can help you seize the day.


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