Consider yourself extremely blessed if you have a mom present in your life, especially during this dark global pandemic.

I think I can speak on behalf of those who have lost their moms, who will always feel the large crack in between their heart, especially on Mother’s Day.It certainly does not mean that we are unable to celebrate the memory of who she was.

There is an irreplaceable amount of comfort and wisdom we receive from our mothers. I recall always calling my mom, when I didn’t know what to do, to the extreme of even asking, “mom what should I say?”

Her reply was always to pray for wisdom and just be true to yourself.Oh and her standard advice on guys, “don’t be desperate”…..harsh right?I dissected that into know your worth, and do not settle.

As I look back and feel the loss of all she encapsulated in my life, I try to always remember some of the most valuable lessons I have learnt from her, that allow for me to still draw strength from.

1. Be grounded!

My mom had an unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. She undoubtedly believed that there is a good God guiding her and giving her the strength to be strong and courageous. My mother was definitely that, she fought her 12 yearlong battle with Lupus without anyone really knowing the severity of her illness as she never once complained about the excruciating pain. I believe she was strong, brave and courageous through her faith and special relationship with Jesus Christ. She was grounded in her faith.

2. Create your own happiness!

My mom married very young, at the age of 19 and sadly her marriage to my dad was not the greatest. It led to their divorce and her being a single, young mother of four children. She always had a big smile and created some sort of version of happy for her to be the best she could be. You have the power to create your own happiness, do not wait for it to be found in a person, a promotion, a new house, you get the point!

3. Self-Care!

Always look frikking AWSOME, I have the best memories of watching my mom do her hair up, she had beautiful silky straight hair and always added rollers for that xx volumized 80s look, and she put on a popping lip color, her dark black eyeliner and loved dressing up. She was always put together, even though she did not have the most expensive clothes, she always looked amazing.

4. Think rich and extend kindness!

My mom had this incredibly generous heart. She was not rich, yet it was extremely easy for her to give to others, whether it was the little money she had or her time, encouragement and prayers, she just did not withhold anything back. She never worried about feeling like she does not have enough, I am convinced she felt extremely rich through her faith in God and knowing that God was her source to everything, including taking care of her needs.(He did indeed!)Make someone feel special through being kind.

5. We need people!

My mom valued relationships. She always said life is all about relationships. There are so many different types of relationship dynamics, and through some of the difficult ones we often lose ourselves in bitterness,pain,anger,resentment and unforgiveness. The biggest lesson I believe I saw being lived out by my mom was that of having a forgiving heart, never slandering another, or saying a bad word about anyone, even if she was wronged.

6. Be a legend and Be You!

You do not have to be some modern day Mother Teresa or Madiba, you just have to be you! Leave a little piece of who you are in some small way. Trust me it is anything but small at the end, because as cliché as it seems there is nobody like you. My mom had this graceful quiet confidence, which made you want to pay attention to her, and get to know her and to hang on every word she said. 

7. You can do it!

It is never too late to learn or do anything, my mom was in her fifties and extremely ill, it was difficult for her to move her hands and walk…. but hey guess what she passed her learners and licence the first time around.

May we continue to learn and draw from the well of wisdom that lies deep within all Mothers.