7 Things That Leaders Do Every Day _ Jason Walker PhD

Great leaders are not simply born, and it’s not something that comes easily all the time. While some people may have qualities that make them naturally better leaders in some ways, every leader has their struggles. Great leaders do the work to develop everyday habits that keep them self aware and doing the best they can for the people they’re leading.

The following are issues of the mindset that great leaders cultivate every day to be the best they can.

1. They Actively Listen

Too often when people want to lead, they start off right away with barking orders. A great leader actively listens to their people. Not only does this earn respect, but learning about the people you’re leading is the best way to figure out how to lead them.

2. They Communicate Clearly

People want to follow great leaders. They inspire people to want to do better. But when people are given vague directions or critiques, they don’t have a clear path to follow. That frustration grows into frustration with their job, with their leader, and even with their own performance.

3. They Carry Themselves Well

They are calm and in control. They act maturely, which gains them respect, credibility, and trust.

4. They Set Goals

Without a clear plan for what’s ahead, you’re leading people down a path with your eyes closed. Goals for the team and for individuals let everyone know where they are at and where they are going.

5. They’re Always Learning

Everyone can always be better. Whether from their own mistakes, books, classes, or the experience of wise people around them, one of the things great leaders do every day is learning how they can be better.

6. They Delegate

Great leaders do not do everything alone. They lead a team of people and they take care of them. Because they actively listen to their people and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the people they’re working with, they assign them appropriate tasks. The beauty of a well-led team is that when everyone has the right job and do them well, they can accomplish great things together

7. They Encourage People

A great leader knows that the better their employees do, the better for the whole team. They encourage their people to do better every day. This might mean one on one conversations, or it might mean training or goal setting. Figuring out how to encourage your team is another part of getting to know them and finding out what works best for the people you’re leading.

Originally published on JasonWalkerPhD.com