Telecommuting. Some are overwhelmed, others love it.

No matter which side you belong to, the COVID-19 health crisis has shown the world that the future of work involves working from home in jobs that allow it.

It is an opportunity. Here are seven tips to take your productivity to the next level.

Take on the new reality

The social component of working in the office tends to attract most people, especially the most extroverted: coffee breaks, conversations with colleagues, the feeling of being supported by a team …

Working from home the opposite feeling may appear. A sensation of sailing in the open sea with no other support than your own company.

Accept that you will work from home. Don’t resist the new reality. If you deny it or adopt a reactive attitude, the other advice is meaningless.

Take care of your work area

Clutter creates stress.

In the workspace you must respect three rules:

  1. Reserve a fixed space in the house.
  2. Maintain order and cleanliness in your office.
  3. Do not use the work zone after hours.

Prepare a room to telecommute. You must love what you see: from the chair or the table to the little details (a plant, a candle, the keyboard, etc.). If possible, reserve it exclusively for work.

Choose a cool, outdoor, and bright space.

Differentiate the work area. Avoid settling in the living room or your bedroom. You should differentiate between working hours and leisure and rest time.

Set schedules (and stick to them)

Golden Rule: Set and Respect Schedules.

Why? If you work in an anarchic way, you can fall into both ends of the scale:

  • Work to exhaustion.
  • Fall into laziness.

Establish a realistic routine. Adjust it over the weeks if necessary.

Work in blocks

This tip is going to skyrocket your productivity.

Do you know the Pomodoro technique? It consists of working for a short time (25 or 30 minutes, usually) without rest or distractions.

While you work there is nothing else. Forget about Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Set a small goal and focus solely on it. Rest 5 minutes when finished.

Repeat 3-4 times. Then take a longer break.

Reward yourself and socialize

Following the above tips, you will be more productive, but there are two details that you must take care of.

The first is to reward yourself. Did you achieve the objectives of the day? Give yourself a little whim, it can be something material or finish the day before time. Likewise, avoid punishment for not reaching goals. You need time to adjust to working from home.

Another key point is to socialize at the end of the day. Friends, family, sports, hobbies in a group … forget teleworking for a few hours. Recharge the batteries.

Learn to delegate

Do you have a work team in charge?

This can generate anxiety: are they working or watching the latest chapter of the fashion series?

Trust. Demand that they meet their objectives, but give them the freedom to reach them as they see fit. That is the essence of working from home. Train yourself to improve your habits as an entrepreneur.

Assess the risks of working from home

COVID-19 has changed the rules. As a result of the health crisis, the Government has established voluntary self-assessment of risks in teleworking to minimize injuries and accidents. Get to know about home security systems via reading online.

Do you have enough room to move your legs? Is the chair height adjustable? Do you disconnect equipment when you stop teleworking?

As you can see, these are simple tips, but by following them you will be more productive and avoid unnecessary risks.