Till now we have accepted the new normal of this world. And also, most of us have learned how to deal every day and survive. There is no doubt that this Covid19 pandemic has brought a fundamental shift in many ways. These changes are now affecting millions of people around the world on a daily basis.

People are starting to feel the burnout of working from home and also people are getting fatigued from the daily work schedule. According to study it is confirmed that most of the remote workers work 3.5 hours more. And also, in many countries like India there are no proper official WFH rules yet. Which is now being exploited by big MNCs by giving extra work to their employees.

So, all these issues are eventually leading remote workers to burnout easily and also getting fatigued.

Here are some of the most effective tips for you to stay focused and productive throughout the day.

Stop multitasking

Employees have got the skill of multitasking like crazy and there is no doubt in that. But you have to understand that you should not multitask way too much. Try to focus only on one thing at a time. Or else you will make your brain feel really fatigued.

Invest in a good work from home space where you can work with comfort and without any disturbance. Also buy a good quality noise cancelling headphones which will help you to stay focused.

And also, many people have the habit of keeping multiple tabs open in their browser. Some people also have the habit of opening social media in different tabs as well. So, try to keep your work style simple. Avoid cluttering your work life and your brain.

Stop over working

Just because you are working from your home you don’t have to work extra time until and unless you are getting paid for that extra hours. If your work hours are only for 5 hours in a day then simply work that much.

Overdoing any task in our life leads to stress and fatigue only. You as a human you deserve to have a good work life balance.

Try to set an alarm every day when to start and when you end your work. In the beginning it will be hard to follow a routine but in a few days your body and mind will automatically accept your schedule.

Work in a particular home office of your so that you can keep yourself organised. A good work setup will help you to get all your necessary things to get instantly whenever you need. You don’t have to search every time while you work.

Always plan your day

I already talked about this above. But in case you have not understood. I want to tell you that it will be really good and beneficial for you to fight with your fatigue and burnout if you plan out your day. Try to create a routine of your whole day. Map out the most important high priority things that you need to complete and try to complete those before everything else.

This will help you to get 70% of your work done faster. And without even noticing you will end up completing your daily work faster. See planning out your day will help you to understand and see the roadmap of your day and you can work with one focus instead of juggling from one task to another.

Create your own work space

A dedicated work from home space will help you to stay focused throughout the day no matter what. If your setup work setup in a separate room in your house you will be able to stay focused totally in your work. You can avoid unnecessary disturbance of family. Also, a proper work desk will help you to keep all your essential tools on it and therefore while working you can easily get.

A good workspace will help you to maintain your body posture while working. It is really important to sit straight and work while working or else you will get back pain and also you will feel really lazy and fatigued pretty easily. So, it is always recommended for people to invest in a good computer chair so that you can sit comfortably without hurting your back in the long run.

Take small breaks every 1 hour

In a scientific study it is said that our brain is able to concentrate for 1 hour max in one go. After that our brain feels fatigue and the ability to grasp and focus reduces. So, it will be better for you to get up and take a break every 1 hour. Go to your balcony and enjoy the fresh air or eat something healthy. This will freshen up your mood which will eventually help you to increase your work speed and efficiency. This process will help you to avoid getting fatigue easily.

Spend some time with your family

In a constant work from home system feeling burnout and fatigue is normal. It is supposed to happen. So, when you are done with your work then try to spend some quality time with your family. Leave all your gadgets and work behind and go enjoy yourself with your kids or your mom or dad.

This will definitely help you to boost your mood and freshen up. In our busy work life, we often forget to acknowledge our family members and loved ones. So, go talk or call your mom or dad and ask them how they are, laugh with them. These small things in our life helps to boost our happiness and keeps us healthy in every way.

Workout for 1 hour every day

A good workout every day will help you stay active. If you work out in the morning it will give you enough energy to boost your daily work pretty much easily. When we workout our body releases endorphins hormones trigger a positive feeling in the body. Which will eventually help you to avoid getting fatigued.

It will be really good for you if you invest in some workout equipment for your home so that you can work out in your home without having to go out. Get some good dumbbells and skipping rope and also get a good treadmill for your home so that you get to perform your daily cardio as well.