The pandemic has brought a series of uncertainties to many of us. We were suddenly confined to our homes. While some were unfortunately laid off, there were the lucky few who had the chance to continue working from the comforts of their own homes.

Working at home can either be a challenge or a useful change depending on how you look at it.

Productivity from working at home has been questioned several times. Some find the idea absurd, while some also embrace the change. For people like me who have been working at home before the pandemic even started, the transition is doable. Though the first few days limited my ability to actually focus on my work, I was able to find balance between work and personal time after reading some tips.

7 Remodeling Ideas to Increase Productivity

Aside from getting used to a work from home set-up, I was also able to learn a few remodeling hacks to make my workspace more conducive for working. These hacks eventually led me to finally love my writing job at my comfortable desk located in a wonderful corner of my room.

Let there be Light

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Vadim Sherbakov

Light is an essential asset of every workspace. I didn’t realize how important lighting was when I started working. Back then, I was content with a little desk lamp that illuminates my computer screen. Little did I know that it affected not only the quality of my work but also my physical and mental health. From eye strains to headaches and stress, I experienced it all simply because I lack proper lighting in my room.

Both natural and artificial lights are needed for a person to work efficiently. Once efficiency in the workplace is attained, productivity level increases significantly as well. Placing your desk near a window is also recommended. That way, natural light will come in during working hours. If your home workplace is in the basement, all the more that you need a window for natural light to come in.

Freshen Up with Indoor Plants

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Plants are not just there for mere decorations. Though it brings aesthetic appeal, they are in a room for a reason. From one of my research when looking for plants to put in my home workplace, I learned that some indoor plants actually clean indoor air! So, obviously, I got a couple of those plants.

The addition of plants not only cleaned the air that I am breathing while working, but seeing life within the walls of my workplace also livened up the atmosphere.

Grab a Comfortable Chair

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The downside of working from home is not having enough exercise. You don’t get up from your desk to go and talk to your supervisor or officemate. In short, it mostly requires sitting for long periods. Investing in a comfortable chair creates a better work experience. What I like the most when working at home is the fact that I don’t have to deal with company-bought chairs! I can choose my own and look for something that I am comfortable with.

Despite being an expensive pick, it greatly helps maintain good health and posture. Look for a chair that supports your back and provides a proper cushion on your bottom. Some chairs also extend to provide neck support and have height adjustments so that you can properly level with your desk. Each chair has different features, so get what you believe is best for your health and posture. You can also save space for a reclining sofa whenever you need some relaxation during break time.

The Ingenuity of a Standing Desk

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Standsome Worklifestyle

Another good investment aside from a comfortable chair is a standing desk. You do not have the freedom to do this at a company’s workplace, but you can do so at home. The use of a standing desk is perfect whenever you need some stretches while working.

I do not know where this ingenious idea came from. But having a standing desk totally helped me a lot when it comes to accomplishing my deadlines better. Prolonged sitting can sometimes be painful that I could not think about what to do. Thanks to a standing desk, I can now work well by either sitting or standing.

Install a Soundproof Wall

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Nubelson Fernandes

Say goodbye to noise-cancelling headsets. Among the 7 tips on remodeling that I have given here, this is the only one that I wasn’t able to do. I realized that I do not need to because I don’t have children or pets that would make loud noises when I’m supposed to be working. But several people who work at home swore that this has increased their productivity tremendously.

It may be expensive to install a soundproof wall, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Soundproofing your workplace will put a stop to distractions coming from loud noises and the like. It will help you to give your 100% focus on the job at hand.

Unleash Your Personality within the Walls

Photo Credit: Pexels/Huseyn Kamaladdin

Instead of soundproofing my wall, what I did was redesign the wall to my liking. Using wallpapers or painting walls to match your preference also helps in productivity. After all, you do not want to be confined in those walls for long periods if you do not like what you see.

Dull and boring walls do not really help with creativity, while too bold and bright walls may be too distracting to the eyes. However, the final decision lies in your personal preference. Choose the color and design you want. But if you still do not know which one to choose, painting the walls with colors that are preferred by the real estate market can help increase your house’s value.

Organize with Amazing Storage Ideas

Photo Credit: Pexels/Joanna Bogacz

I’m a very messy person that I admit! However, I always try my best to keep my workplace organized as much as possible. A messy workplace inhibits productivity. With clutters all over, no one can think clearly or find things needed for the work. So the best thing I did during remodeling was to include storage organizers that suit my workplace’s interior. Believe it or not, it created extra wonders and also helped me finish my tasks earlier than usual.


If you want to do a full-blown home office remodeling with few renovations and expansion, you need to be ready with the budget. But even if you need to spend some money, rest assured that it’s all worth the effort! Working from home should not be a big problem. Though there may be some distractions, you can still accomplish your tasks efficiently and be productive. Try these simple tips that I have and I hope that you will become more productive and generate better work results than I did!