Empowering children is always essential in life. Teaching children life skills and instilling important values in their formative stage, can affect them into adulthood. Below are important qualities and values, and ways you may consider encouraging these with your children.

POSITIVITY – Encourage your child to be positive and see things in an upbeat way. Encourage a good attitude even when facing a challenge and set the tone at for them by being that example. Our attitude, thoughts and actions can exemplify positivity. Research positive affirmations to write or recite verbally with your kids or that they can read on their own. Suggest starting a positivity journal to write down what was good about the day or week and what they’re happy and grateful for n life.

KINDNESS – Kindness is such an important quality in everyday life. Teaching kids to be kind whether in person or communicating digitally is so essential. One thing to consider is doing a volunteer activity or act of kindness for someone they know or volunteer with your child at a community organization. Also, teaching your children about kindness to themselves is important as well. The way others treat us and the behavior we accept from others is very important too. Teach them to be kind to themselves and about self-love.

CONFIDENCE – Teaching your children about confidence and accepting who they are at an early age may affect their self-esteem and self-image as they grow. Reinforce the good qualities that they have and verbally express that to them as much as you can. Encourage them to think about and write things down that they like about themselves.

SUCCESS – Highlight your children’s accomplishments such as awards and encourage their talents and interests. Possibly work with them to set some goals and follow through; even if they are small things. Discuss different career fields with them so they learn what may be available to them.

WELLNESS – As we know it’s so important to encourage healthy eating and physical activity for our children in addition to supporting and focusing on mental health as well. There are a lot of great online resources that focus on mental and emotional wellness for kids. Some of the resources include meditation and mindfulness activities for kids and talk about the benefits.

INTEGRITY – Explain what integrity means and why it’s important to be honest and do the right thing. Give them examples of situations where people have shown integrity in life; whether it be an example with yourself or others.

LEADERSHIP – Leading by example and doing the best you can as a mom and parent to show these qualities and values mentioned, can certainly have an impact on your children. Not only talking about all of these things, but leading in our own lives can be that example for our kids to lead in their lives. Encourage them to use their voices, express their ideas and be a good role model for others as well.

Melissa Clark is the founder of The She Shift and Inspiration Icons. Melissa is an author, speaker and publicist for businesswomen as well as a mentor for children. Melissa has most recently created educational videos with the female superhero characters Inspiration Icons, who represent qualities and values as well as diversity and empowerment. 

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