Who doesn’t like to go on vacation? We cannot deny that these periods are a real breath of fresh air for our day to day. Now, all that glitters is not gold. Many times, during the holidays, the burdens emerge. Budgets, decisions, discussions between couples and even disappointments with the chosen places. We show you 7 keys to minimize holiday stress . Don’t let anything, absolutely nothing, ruin your vacation this year.

Learn to fight stress during your travels

Do you usually suffer from  stress or anxiety during your vacation ? Do you need advice not to stress yourself during trips ? We help you fight stress both before and during your travels with some simple tricks. Take note:

1. Check the budget

One of the biggest problems in vacations is money. If we get carried away by euphoria, many times it can end with a great waste of economic resources. A completely unnecessary waste.

If you spend without control, when you get home you will feel very, very guilty. For this, it is better to be a forecaster. If you want your vacation not to involve a large outlay of money, try to save a minimum percentage of your salary per year . With 5 or 10% it will be more than enough. Once the date arrives, do not forget to make an estimated travel budget of the expenses of these days so that they do not end up getting out of hand.

2. Don’t be strict with the plans of the day

Ok, the economic issue must be very controlled. However, there are other aspects that you could try to leave a little more aside from that rigidity. For example, travel itinerary or leisure planning. If you have a day-to-day, hour-by-hour schedule, you will surely end up having anxiety . You will not relax more, much less. Think that your vacation is not a list of goals. Not all plans must be fulfilled. Let yourself go.

3. Do not forget to rest

In the end, although during the holidays you can do active tourism, the important thing is to rest and learn to truly disconnect during the trips . We are already quite busy during the year. Try, to do this, change the obligation to have to do things for a simple “I would like to do.”

4. Dialogue with your vacation companions

Experts say that during the summer is the period in which more divorces and separations occur. This makes sense if we realize that it is when we spend more time with our partner and family. The friction, if they already exist, is accentuated. To do this, try to be patient, talk and use tools such as understanding . Spend quality time with yours and leave out all kinds of discussion. This is the key to making the first trip as a couple perfect , as with your family or co-workers.

5. Don’t despair with the unforeseen

Many things can happen on a trip. Many unforeseen. Since it rains every day, until the beach where you want to bathe is full of jellyfish or your rental car is completely thrown on the road. Faced with this, despair is the worst thing you can do.

The unforeseen happen, and there is always a viable solution . Think that, in the end, this kind of thing will be part of the memory, why not take out the fun side of these experiences?

Best Mexican restaurants in Tulum

Tulum once was a small place with very few options to dine because it contained few hotels only. But now the place has been developed and offering every flavor of the world. You cannot only find the best places to taste Mexican food in Tulum but you can find a perfect variety of international flavor too here.

Best Mexican restaurants in Tulum

Do you want to know about the best Mexican restaurants in Tulum to taste the deliciousness of Mexican food? Have a look at the following list of the most amazing Mexican restaurants which can serve you with the most amazing food options in Tulum.


Hartwood is one of the most amazing and the best place to enjoy Mexican food in Tulum. Eric Werner and Mya Henry are owners of this restaurant are truly two passionate people who left New York and opened Hartwood. Hartwood is truly an organic, off-the-grid and sustainable restaurant where you can find a changed menu on a regular basis. Local ingredients are being used in the preparation of food and solar panel is giving energy to their music and lights. Hartwood is welcoming both walk-in and reservations. So, if you have not reserved your table you still can get a chance to enjoy delicious Mexican food there. 

Loco Tulum

Loco Tulum is a signature restaurant of chef Idan Lifshitz who is enthusiastic about creating delicious taste. Loco Tulum has arrived with the idea of accentuating the delight of color, flavor, aroma and above all the real taste of each offering in the best possible way. One of the best things about Loco Tulum is that you can get a perfect opportunity to taste amazing Mediterranean cuisine dishes here in Tulum with ease. Loco Tulum covers the amazing flavors and tastes even in Mediterranean cuisine which will create a full and amazing authentic experience. It means Loco Tulum tests the sense and create a true moment to enjoy the deliciousness of the world in the best possible way. The menu of the Loco Tulum is designed to amuse, amaze and puzzle you and behind this great taste the efforts and creativity of chef Idan Lifshitz lie who is always working hard to make the things beyond amazing. Learn more about Loco Tulum here.

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra is an amazing place to enjoy the best and most delicious dine in Tulum. It is not only providing you the best opportunity to enjoy Mexican food there but you can also taste the most delicious Latin American cuisine and geometric traditions of Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. They are committed to producing amazing taste with fresh products and serving with the best taste to their visitors.


Ziggy’s is one of the most amazing places to enjoy your favorite dishes. This is a beach club which has a friendly environment and amazing cuisines to serve. You can also enjoy live music every day. Even more, the night offers of Ziggy’s are not meant to miss at all. To enjoy a perfect time and dine you must visit Ziggy’s.

Well, if you want to taste the best Mexican food in Tulum then you must need to visit the above-mentioned best Mexican restaurants there.

6. Enjoy nature

If you live in large cities, surely your contact with nature during the year is nil. Nature makes us calm almost immediately. Enjoy it. Relax on the beach, with the smell of the sea. If you prefer to mount, breathe the pure air of the plants and visualize all the colors that are in the landscape. If possible, try to disconnect as much as possible from the technology. Turn off your mobile, leave your computer out of your reach and connect with your environment.

7. Better short breaks

They say that it is difficult for us to adapt to the changes. A trip that is too long can overwhelm us, because we are not used to being away from home for so long. It is much easier to schedule short breaks. In addition, with these escapes to escape the heat or stress of everyday life, getting hooked to the routine will not be so traumatic.