It can be quite a challenge to get a good night’s sleep during summer. Most people in America experience extended daylight, and it might not be dark outside when they are going to sleep. Bedrooms also receive a lot more sunlight during the day and make them hot and humid.

Most people struggle to fall asleep as the hot and humid environment can feel quite uncomfortable during the night. So if you have trouble falling asleep during the summer months, you can use these tips to get some quality shuteye.

Use a Cool Eye Mask

Eye masks can prove extremely helpful when you are trying to fall asleep faster. They not only block out excessive light but also keep you cool if your bedroom temperatures are high. Research has shown that people who use eye masks can get more REM sleep.

You can use a gel eye mask to get a cooling effect on your eyes when you sleep. Also, consider using a natural fabric like cotton or bamboo for your eye mask, as they are more breathable.

Try a Weighted Blanket

Many people use a weighted blanket to battle conditions like stress and anxiety when they sleep. You may feel that sleeping under a weighted blanket during summer would cause discomfort. However, the best-weighted blankets are made from 100% bamboo viscose, which makes them extremely breathable.

In fact, being under the best weighted blanket for sleep can feel 3 to 4° cooler than under an average cotton sheet. That means you can enjoy the Deep Touch Pressure therapy without breaking a sweat under it.

They are also scientifically proven to produce chemicals like serotonin and melatonin in your brain, which help you fall asleep. Therefore, a weighted blanket can be a perfect accessory for peaceful sleep on a summer night.

Find the Right Pillow

A comfortable pillow can prove extremely useful to help you fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed. The design of your pillow should be able to support your neck and yet feel soft. A stiff pillow can feel extremely uncomfortable and have you tossing and turning through the night. Make sure that you choose a pillow with an outer layer of cotton or bamboo fabric.

Check Your Allergies

Summer can be very cruel to you if you suffer from allergies. Most allergens can thrive during the hot and humid days of summer, so make sure that you take adequate measures to keep them in check. You should ensure that your bedding is free of dust and mold, as they can trigger allergic reactions.

You can also use bamboo fabric for your bedding because it is naturally hypoallergenic. Bamboo fabric is also extremely resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria. If you are allergic to pollen, make sure that you wash your clothes and hair when you come back home from outside.

Get More Daylight

Since you will have access to more daylight during summer, utilize it for the best results. Sunlight can stimulate your body’s natural cycle to stay awake through the day and fall asleep at night.

When you spend more time outdoors in the sunlight, you will tire yourself and fall right to sleep when you go to bed. Natural light is also great for your metabolism, which can help with a peaceful sleep during the night.

While you are spending time outside, you can also get some exercise. When you exercise outdoors, you sweat, which is a great way to cool down your body. If it is too hot outside, you can go swimming in a pool or a lake.

Use White Noise

You may have noticed a lot of outside noise during the summer months. That is because summer is a time for birds, insects, and animals to thrive. If the outside noise is distracting you from a peaceful sleep, you can introduce some white noise in your bedroom.

A ceiling fan can be the perfect tool to help you stay cool and provide a soothing white noise when you sleep. You can also try playing some soothing music or natural sounds like waves to distract you from the noise outside and help you sleep better.

Buy a Dehumidifier

Humidity is worse than heat when it comes to sleep. High humidity can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable and keep you from falling asleep, no matter how tired you are. If the weather is too humid, you may start to sweat during the night and wake up.

A dehumidifier can remove the excessive moisture from your bedroom so that you can sleep peacefully. For the best sleeping environment, try to set the dehumidifier to maintain about 30% humidity inside your bedroom.

Getting a good night’s sleep can feel more difficult during the summer months. We hope that these tips prove useful to get you a decent sleep on the summer nights.