Heat and humidity can make it difficult for you to sleep during summer, even risking a heart disease in the process. But too much cold temperature can also have the same effect during winter.

During either of these seasons, you might also discover a change in your sleep patterns or habits. In this article, you will discover seven proven tips you can implement to prevent seasonal changes from disrupting the quality of your sleep:

1.Refresh Your Space During Winter

If you’re like most people, you won’t feel a lot of positive vibes during winter. Hence, you can lift your mood by updating your space. This can be in the form of adding a piece of art, more color to your space or even the addition of a lamp to brighten your bedroom space.

If you find out that your mattress or pillow is the reason why you can’t sleep, this is the best time to change them. You can check out Sit ‘n Sleep to buy mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows and accessories to make changes to your space during winter.

2.Adjust Your Bedtime Routine

You should only do this when you’re finding it difficult to sleep.

Here are four adjustments you can make:

  • Use a wake-up light. This kind of light will make it easy for you to rise up in the dark mornings, it emits a light therapy such that your body can wake up naturally.
  • Start using a night cream to keep your skin warm. Usually, the cold air during winter causes dry skin, but the night cream contains essential oils to provide you with a deep and relaxing sleep.
  • Keep the air fresh with a diffuser. It will not only purify the air, but will also lift up your mood during the cold nights of winter.
  • Start using winter florals to reduce the boringness caused by the winter. These florals will also keep the air in your space fresh and clean

3.Prevent the Winter Chill from Entering Your Bedroom

Before you can have a proper sleep, you need a warm bedroom, ideally, a temperature between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find it difficult to regulate the temperature in your bedroom, try a thermostat.

However, you can prevent the winter chill from entering your bedroom by implementing any or all of the following steps:

  • Add a safe space heater
  • Prevent heat from escaping the floor by adding a thick and fluffy rug
  • Change your curtains to thicker one

4.Keep to Your Sleep Schedule Especially During Weekends

You won’t be helping your body by curling up under your warm blankets all morning because it is a weekend. While this may be tempting, it does more harm than good to your body and your sleep routine. The reason is that you will find it easier to sleep during your work week when you can maintain your regular sleep schedule during your weekends.

5.Make Your Mattress Winter-Proof

You will find it less difficult to sleep when your mattress is covered with cozier bedding. To keep your bed warm and inviting during the cold winter nights, add a heated blanket and flannel sheets. You don’t have to buy mattresses to be comfortable, you only need one that can make you sleep comfortably.

6.Don’t Stop Exercising

It remains a proven fact that exercise can help you to have a better sleep. It also prevents morning tiredness and groggy feeling. Hence, if you can’t perform your regular exercise, you can perform simple exercises such as a brisk walk outside during your lunch break.

7.Don’t Overload Yourself with Stress And Obligations

 The Christmas and Thanksgiving periods are part of the winter season and this can lead to lots of stress. But you can manage the stress by:

  • Relaxing by doing yoga and meditation
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet
  • Drinking good amount of water


Getting a deep and relaxing sleep during winter seasons might require making a few tweaks. But I can assure you that the effort you make in creating an ideal sleeping atmosphere is always worth it.


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