One of the reasons for the creation of this blog was that for a long time I had dedicated myself to searching the internet for innovative business ideas to develop that one day I decided to publish this blog to develop the business theme. Without realizing it, I had become an expert on business issues, an experience that I have been deepening in time thanks to this blog.

At the beginning the CEO of armored trucks that I believed that the basis of a successful business was to find a completely new business idea that nobody has developed before.

Nowadays I do not think the same, nowadays I think that developing a business based on an existing business idea, will give me more chances to be successful in that business by having already an idea of ​​proven success with respect to which The only thing I have to do is improve their processes or try to differentiate myself from the competition by introducing small changes that together can be a big change.

Generate ideas of inventions or completely new business ideas

To think about what has been said before, the search for new business ideas or even inventions, is still a valid search that can make me earn a lot of money and maybe in a much faster way. However, finding those sparks of ideas or genius is very difficult.

1. Schedule specific observation meetings.

Prepare a session a week or biweekly or perhaps more frequently with the sole objective of observing the world. For example, you can have an hour a day where you go out to walk to the street or to a park with many people where you will simply sit and watch the people passing by or carrying out their activities. You will only dedicate to observe to see what they do, how they do it and what they would need.

2. Search for new interaction circles

Leave your circles of friends permanently and seek to be in permanent contact with new people, talk to them, ask them what they do, how they do it and try to find out what they would need. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have to meet the needs they have and new ideas may arise.

3. Read books and more books

Reading books will train your mind and make your brain work on creative issues by having to enter the imaginary world of the author or its parallel world beyond the book is a novel or a scientific book.

4. Surf the web haphazardly

When surfing the internet without looking for anything specific, you will continue to train your mind but you will also see the whole world of the internet and appreciate how it is that people do or look for things to be able to train your mind in any possibility for these ideas sparks towards the invention of new things.

5. Write a blog or a personal diary

All those ideas and thoughts that you have in the previous processes, you must collect them and sort them in some way and therefore it is essential that you write a blog or a written journal, what you feel more comfortable but you need to reflectively process the ideas and thoughts what are you generating from the previous processes? Writing those ideas and thoughts will give you a new focus.

6. Meditate

Meditation and inner reflection is essential to enter a pre-creation area where your brain rests orderly, try to do it regularly.

7. Develop mental problem solving exercises

The author recommends a very simple exercise that consists in getting together with a friend and fixing the solution of a specific problem in which you and your friend must find the best possible solution for that problem that you have previously identified. They can be trivial problems or complex problems but the idea is that you train your brain to solve problems and this will prepare you to look for ideas or inventions to problems that you see in the previous processes.

Interesting these ideas and very easy to implement. Remember, however, that after finding your business idea, the most difficult thing will be to implement it, it will be in that implementation where you will encounter the biggest obstacles.