The outbreak of Covid-19 has proved to be an eye opener for working professionals. Research shows that 38% of professionals feel their career has stalled since the outbreak of the pandemic. The more interesting finding is that nearly 1 in 3 out of them want to pursue a more meaningful or fulfilling job.

Do you find your current job too boring? Are you desperate to switch to an area you are really passionate about? It’s never too late. Let’s check how you can make a meaningful shift in your career by following your passion.

7 effective ways to switch your career

  • Never lose hope if you are sacked – Losing your job doesn’t mean that it’s all over. Staying at home might make you depressed. Also, you might find it quite embarrassing to face the society.

Trust me, losing your current job is a great opportunity to pursue your passion. Yes, it’s very much possible to get rid of your monotonous job. That job which you never really enjoyed.

In my case, I was quite passionate about writing since childhood days. However, I could not build a career in that area. However, it’s a job loss that helped me pursue a career in writing.

In fact, studies reveal that when compared to the pre-pandemic world, 25% more workers many need to change their jobs. Hence, it’s the right time to switch your career.  

  • Join an online course – Now, you have decided to go for a career shift. However, gaining knowledge in the new domain is of utmost importance. As per latest studies, 53% of the Americans are ready to get retrained for building a career in a different industry.

Look for the various courses on online platforms such as Coursera and Udemy. Join the one which suits your area of interest. Just going through the sessions is not enough.

Listen carefully to the tips offered by the instructor. Also, note down all the important points. Practice the exercises at the end of each module.

  • Enrol for a workshop – By attending the online course, now you gained more knowledge in that domain. What next? It’s quite important that you need to possess hands-on experience.

Nowadays, there are plenty of online workshops conducted by experts on social media. It spans across areas such as digital marketing, content writing and so on. In my case, I enrolled for a free workshop in Content writing.

The guidance of the mentor proved really helpful. There were several experienced co-participants who I could reach out to. Start looking for workshops on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

  • Be active on social media – Do you have a robust social media profile? If the answer is no, then it’s high time to build one. As per studies, 92% of companies make use of social media for hiring.

The more surprising part is that 3 out of 4 hiring managers go through the job applicant’s social media profiles. Thus, include all your qualifications, prior experience and contact details on your social media profile.

Just don’t stop by building an attractive profile. Be active on those platforms. Reach out to connections who post job openings.

In my case, a fellow participant in the content writing workshop posted a job opening on social media. I reached out to her and attended the interview. It helped me get my present job.

Since last 1 year, I am working as a content writer.

  • Be ready for a pay cut – Now you have joined an entirely new job role. You just cannot expect a fat pay cheque like earlier times. In the initial stages, you might have to start with a low pay.

However, you are just one among many. 53% of the respondents in a survey opined they are ready to go for a salary cut if they do not get the work situation they desire. Also, your prior experience in the corporate world adds a lot of value.

Though the nature of work is different, you definitely have an upper hand in terms of interpersonal relationships, dealing with issues etc.

  • Keep in touch with your connections – Now, you are working in an entirely different industry. You have to start from the scratch. It’s quite natural to have doubts in the initial stages.

 One of the best sources to get your queries clarified is your social media connections. Be always in touch with your social media connections. Speak to them if you are not able to proceed further. Check with them about how to gain expertise in the new industry.

  • Stay away from negativity – Assume that you have got a job in the field you are passionate about. Now you might face several discouraging questions from your friends and relatives. “Why did you settle for a less paying job?” “It’s foolish to forego your experience” and so on. The best approach would be to stay away from such negative people.

Have confidence in yourself. Try to learn more and excel in your new job.


Following your passion is easier said than done. However, by practising the above 7 techniques, now you can easily overcome all those barriers that was stopping yourself from making a career switch.