With all the talk about becoming more intentional, we often forget how a spontaneous life can be fun and rewarding too. 

Everyone knows spontaneity can lead to memorable and meaningful moments, but did you know it also provides plenty of other benefits too?

Let’s take a look at more reasons why you should embrace spontaneity in life. 

Find freedom from regret

It’s well documented that people who are at the end of their lives frequently regret not spending time with their family, following their passions, and going with the flow. 

When you choose to be more spontaneous by saying ‘Yes’ to a friend inviting you to a movie or by walking into a random restaurant, you create more wonderful memories that will make you happy about the life you led. 

Tap into your hidden skills

When you’re more spontaneous, you allow yourself to explore things that are outside of your comfort zone which could lead to something amazing.

By doing a cooking class, starting a blog, or just visiting a place you’ve never been to before, you’ll find things and build skills you never even imagined before. You’ll learn a whole lot more about yourself.

Supercharge your decision-making skills

There are many occasions when thinking deeply about a decision is quite unnecessary. 

In fact, many people get stuck at major life crossroads and miss every opportunity available to them simply because they don’t choose any path at all. 

When you’re willing to be more spontaneous, you’ll make decisions faster. And in certain situations where the stakes are low, spontaneous decision-making can lead to amazing new discoveries that help you grow as a person. 

Can’t choose between two equally good hotels? Just pick one. Wondering which marketing tool you need for your business? Just try one. Sometimes you need to dive in and learn as you go instead of spending too much time doing research that doesn’t add more information. 

Remove stress

Being spontaneous can be a very healthy thing. It’s important to realize that you don’t have to plan every single event and action of your day. Just do something different and take a chance! 

You’ll experience less anxiety and depression because you’ll be able to stop feeling overwhelmed from trying to accomplish too much.

Increase Productivity 

Doing the same thing and staying in the same environment stultifies the mind. 

But changing where you work and doing something different to your environment refreshes your mind and keeps you focused. 

A little bit of spontaneity and discomfort will lead to more productivity. 

Learn New Things 

When we only do what’s familiar, we get used to taking the path of least resistance.

As a result, our skills become outdated and we lose track of the changes taking place around us in the world. 

One way to become more spontaneous and to benefit from it is to learn new things. Do online courses in unusual subjects like classical music, brain science, or horticulture. 

When you pick up knowledge from disparate sources, you can come up with more creative ideas and open your mind to new things. 

Become more adaptable

When you indulge in conversations with new people, try different things, and even make random choices, you become more flexible and spend less time stuck in your head. 

You also build resilience and the ability to cope with sudden changes. Consciously embracing going with the flow helps you accept new things in your life without too much resistance. You’ll grow from such experiences which will make you invaluable at your workplace. 

Build confidence

Trying new things is life-changing because you need to let yourself know that you can accomplish more than you think.

If your personal and business plans get derailed, you know that you’ll come out all right at the end even if it doesn’t feel very good. 

So, keep trying new things. If you’re a business owner, reach out to customers even if it scares you. Talk to someone new at work. Or take a new road home. 

Such tiny experiences build you up in ways you wouldn’t expect. 

Grasp Opportunities

To make the most of the opportunities that come our way, we need to be willing to take chances. One of the biggest misconceptions of life is that we only get opportunities rarely. The truth is that opportunities are all around us. But we’re rarely willing to explore them.

When you’re ready to be more spontaneous, you’ll also grab amazing opportunities that can change your life.


Being spontaneous is what keeps us inventive, happy, and growing. 

So, look for ways to be more spontaneous in everyday life. 

After all, why experience the same day 365 times a year when we can have 365 different days instead?