From centuries women enhance their features by wearing body jewelry which makes them look ultra-feminine and seductive. Body piercing is a ground-breaking way to boast your diva looks. It can look cute as well as bold, which depends on your choice. Piercing allows you to pick a wide variety of body jewelry to nail the look.

It is not limited to ears and nose. Nowadays, people are so passionate about this trend that they are trying piercings on other body parts like lips, eyes, nose, tongue, navel, and even go for genital piercing.

For accessorizing the piercing fancy rings, barbells and stud are available in different designs, colours and materials. These days, people focus on minimal and love to buy a dainty stand out piece that enhances the features.

The market is full of trendy and fancy body jewelry available for every part of the body from head to toe. One can get a charming style without struggling too much. But before approaching a jewelry shop, you need to know about the types and trends of the body jewellery for the specific part so you can get the best.

Below we rounded up seven unique ideas to choose the right body jewelry,which helps you pick the right jewel to boost your looks:

Proper research

Before deciding for any piece, explore it and choose the best for you. Research about designs, material, hues and terms related to the body jewelry which are in trend.

Choice of jewelry

Choice of accessory all depends on the part of the body where you‘re going to have it. Make your choice clear before visiting any store. You can mark simple body jewelry in your list, if you like it elegant and sweet. One can buy beautiful gemstones, bead rings, curved barbells for a seductive and feminine look.

Body jewelry design

It all depends on your personality and personal taste. If you love to show off, go for statement jewelry like embracing your wrist with a fancy bracelet to complete your style. For a flirty mood, you can have a belly ring on the navel or can accessorize your belly with belly chains.

Try something new

If you are bored of your regular look and style, you can boost up your confidence and style by opting for an eye-catching body piercing. For a sassy change, try navel or lip piercing and accessorize with a gold ring or stud.

Material quality

Quality always matters, and in case of piercing jewelry, quality should be on priority. If you cannot spend much, market and stores also avail you pocket-friendly options. Additionally, the best material for piercing jewelry are titanium, gold and silver.