7 Ways to Deal With a Toxic Work Environment

If you are in a job where you do not feel relaxed or appreciated you will find it hard to do your best work. Many things can create a toxic work environment and you may be caught up in the middle of everything. Here are seven ways to deal with a toxic work environment.


Putting on headphones and listening to some relaxing music can help transport you away from your toxic work environment. You will not have to listen to anyone spouting harsh words or someone trying to bring you down. Listening to music can help you focus and do your job at a better level. Turn up the music and tune out  the noise. 

Take a walk

Get out of your office and away from the toxic environment even if it is only for a few minutes. Take a quick walk and clear your head of office toxicity. Being out in nature will help you focus and calm down. Walk during your lunch break or take a quick ten minute break to walk around the block. Get outside and leave the toxicity behind for a few minutes. Your blood pressure will thank you. 


If you have an office with a door, close it for five minutes to perform some guided meditation. If you do not have an office, try and find a quiet space you can sit in for five minutes. There are apps you can get to guide you through a quick and easy meditation that will help calm your nerves and release some stress. Daily meditation practices will help you perform better at your job and keep you sane. 


If your work environment is so toxic that it is causing you to feel sick or wore down consider finding another job. While you may like what you do if you are doing it in a toxic environment you are not working to your  full potential. Look up some resume builders online and take the first step to finding a better job. There are plenty of jobs out there and one of them will fit better than your current one. It is up to you to find a better work environment and stay healthy. 

Just say no

If coworkers want to talk to you and spread gossip just tell them you are too busy. Gossip creates rifts in a workplace that can sometimes lead to a full office divide. It is better to stay away from gossip. You do not know what other people are going through. It is best not to speculate. You will probably be wrong and if you spread the gossip you will get caught up in the web of toxicity. 

Positive people

Try to hang out with positive people at your workplace. If you can find some people who also like their job be sure to talk to them and get to know them. Go out to eat with them and their positivity will outweigh any negativity you are feeling. You will boost each other up and help to turn the tide on office toxicity. 

Focus outside of work

Focusing on your toxic workplace and making the center of your attention will slowly corrode your life. When you leave your office, leave your office behind. Focus on something that matters like your family and friends. Do things for other people and connect with groups that share similar hobbies. Focus on what really matters in your life and realize that work is a small part of who you are and what you do. Focus on you and build yourself up so you can handle the toxicity at work with a shrug.