positive thinking

Studies show that people who think positively are more peaceful and healthy. Positive thinking is an action that is good for our motivation as well as our psychology. Let’s start with correcting known mistakes about positive thinking.

  • A person who thinks positively looks at things unreal. She/He definitely evaluates the events logically and raises her/his belief that things will improve.
  • A person who thinks positively thinks dreams. No, he thinks very realistically. We can call this the optimistic point of view.
  • Positive thinking leads you to error. No, when you think positively, you will see that there are more options.
  • Positive thinking is impossible or extremely difficult.

No, it is easy to think positively. You can do this in 7 ways.

7 methods for positive thinking

Positive Frame

In order to put your thoughts into a positive frame, we first need to understand the application.

First, get a positive frame image that includes all your thoughts. Imagine your every thought turning positive as it passes through it. You can also think of it as a kind of safety circle in your mind.

Remember this image of your negative thoughts and put the frame into play.

Focus on the center of the mind

The truth is we are all in the hands of uncontrolled thinking. What does it mean to think out of control? Think of it this way.

A person on the bus starts talking to herself/himself all the time. She/He talks about something and gets angry or laughing. What would you feel? You say crazy, right? Well, aren’t we doing the same thing in our minds all day?

Are we not tiring our mind and body, especially by thinking negatively? The mind has a thought center. You can meditate to focus here. You can apply deep breathing therapies or take a walk in nature…

When you focus on the thought center of the mind, the mind will notice what is superior to all thoughts. What is that? Of course you are.

Get away from the negative things

Some of my friends say, they can’t stop negative thinking. I just ask them three simple questions.

What are you watching?

What are you listening to?

What are you reading?

Please ask yourself these questions too. We can pretend not to be affected by what we watch. But our subconscious is loaded with negative thinking.

We feel compelled to focus on the negative. For positive thinking in our lives, we have to get away from negative things and do it right away.

Gratitude is the key to positive thinking

What many people do not realize is that we have a lot to be thankful for. For example, we should be thankful for our health. We should be thankful that there is a roof over our heads.

We should be thankful that we don’t have to go to bed hungry. The act of gratitude is the key to positive thinking. The moment we are grateful, inner peace find us.

Help People

Believe me, helping a person will charge you positive energy. Be sure to try this.

There are many people who need help. You can donate to them. There are many patients waiting for blood. The limits of help are so wide that you just need to lend your hand to help the person who needs it.

Positive thinking is an energy that is strengthened by goodness.

Make awareness

Mindfulness exercises are essential for positive thinking. If you notice how negative thinking progresses in you, you can choose positive thinking.

Be aware.

Reverse Mirroring Method (Positive Reflection)

When a negative thought engulfs your mind, all you have to do is think the positive of the same sentence. For example, when the thought of “I’m unhappy at my job and I’m very nervous” comes to your mind, we start by producing the positive of the same sentence.

“I am happy in my job and very peaceful” with this sentence, we made Reverse Mirroring or positive reflection.

Likewise, if you have a negative image rather than a sentence, you should create a positive image in your mind in this way.

Bonus: Clutter-Free Design

There are some common interior design tricks I have included to encourage the flow of positivity in our home.

The first step is to clean and thoroughly declutter the area. When we reduce clutter, it brings more clarity to the space and makes us feel less stressed.

Second step, furniture is vital but don’t overstuff your home, it may grab all space making a house look clumsy.

Do not block the energetic flow and where you have ample floor space to move around.