Intention, intentional living

Are you sensing spring is in the air yet? March is in like a lion out like a lamb month. It shifts it’s energy moment by moment. Are you ready for spring energy?

Let me ask you a few questions:  Do you remember the intentions you set for the New Year or have they been lost in the mundane day to day life? Are you making advancements toward your goals at the pace that you want to? Or, Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed with all you’ve have envisioned?

The countdown to spring begins now! March will bring Daylight Savings Time, The Spring Equinox, melting snow (here in the Northeast – oh wait, that happened this weekend!).  Bring on the crocuses popping up. Bring on the sunshine, bring on the fresh dewy air!!!

And, into the Spring, we go!!!! Spring Energy allows us to renew the intentions we have for our businesses and our lives. It brings with it inspiration and support, hope and trust. And, we can use it’s energy to support manifesting those intentions of ours.

Here are 7 Ways to use Spring Energy to Renew Your Intentions:

  1. Rise And Shine!  Start your day off soulfully! Use this time to meditate, journal, vision your day going smoothly and peacefully.  Did you know that studies show that waking up earlier can make you more optimistic, productive and proactive.
  2. Read and Implement.  Take just 5 minutes and read out of a powerful self-growth and development book. Then, take the concept and implement it into your day. Don’t let self-help become shelf-help.
  3. Declutter.  Begin early. Take on one area -even one draw- at a time and declutter. When you do this, you allow space for new exciting opportunities to come in with Spring Energy!
  4. Step into Spring. Begin walking outdoors. Use the element of Air to clear your mind and let the Spring Energy refresh your spirit.
  5. Bring Nature Indoors. Use the element of Earth in your home to ground yourself and Infuse Spring Energy into your home by bringing in nature with flowers, seashells, a terrarium, plants and more!
  6. Hydrate. Water helps to prevent muscle fatigue, boosts metabolism, increases your energy levels and so much more. With more Spring Energy, you’ll need more water to support all of this. Add a little lemon for zest!  Bonus, it soothes emotions too!
  7. Relax and Refresh at day’s end. Create a ritual at the end of the day to allow yourself to focus on what matters most. Use a candle (or get the fire pit ready!) to engage with your soul and spirit and allow yourself to be grateful for all that you have and all that you are.

Spring Energy allows us to focus on our intentions and what matters most.

So, Don’t forget the Joy! In-joy the work that you do. Take time to in-joy family and friends. Step into the magnificent being that you are by allowing spring’s energy to bring you back to BEing in each moment with joy.

By implementing some of these 7 ways into your life, you will be able to do just that with the renewed energy within and around you.


  • Laura P. Clark, SCPT

    Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Trainer

    Wise Living Institute

    Laura Clark knows that Living In-Joy comes from following your own inner wisdom. Through her own recovery from depression and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Laura fully understands the life interrupts and barriers that are obstacles to building an abundant business and joy filled life. She also knows and teaches the tools and techniques to overcome these challenges to build and grow in business and life based upon ease and grace that leads to more joy and prosperity. As an International best-selling author and engaging speaker and compassionate mentor and trainer, Laura brings her unique wit and a down to earth, practical approach to implementing spirituality and  living one's truth into your business and life. She empowers people to shift from within to hear their soul’s whispers more consistently, understand it more clearly and act upon it more courageously all the while feeling at ease, safe and supported. Laura is the Founder of The Wise Living Institute offering programs and communities (such as the Living Your Truth Sisterhood) to support your personal growth and spiritual development journey for greater success as a leader in business and life.